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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2159 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2159

Travis was discharged from the hospital so quickly after being scammed for $14 billion.

It stands to reason that he should be dizzy with anger and blood pressure soaring.

Avery felt that things were not going quite right.

After glancing at the news, she clicked on Whatsapp and saw several photos sent by Elliot.

In the photo was a group photo of Elliot and his two children.

Their smiles were bright and beautiful, Avery looked at the photo, and the corners of her mouth rose unconsciously.

How much she wanted to go back to them immediately and lived with them!

“Mom, what are you looking at?” Hayden came over to have breakfast and saw his mother smiling, so he asked casually.

Avery immediately showed Hayden the photo on the phone: “Your father has already arrived home. This is the photo he sent.”

Hayden glanced at the photo, his younger brother and sister were smiling happily, and Elliot was also smiling happily.

“Hayden, what are your plans after graduation?” Avery wanted to know what her son thought.

“Mom, I’m still graduating early!” Hayden didn’t think about this issue for a while.

Life is not static. Even if Hayden makes plans for the future now, it may change when he really waits for that day.

Avery: “Yes. When I solve your father’s problem, I will go back to Aryadelle. Mom is very reluctant to be separated from you.”

“Mom, is your research almost over?” Hayden saw that his mother was so sad, so he felt solved this doubt.

Avery shook her head again and again: “It hasn’t progressed yet. Hayden, do you think your mother is useless?”

“No! If there’s nothing my mother can do, others can’t.” Hayden encouraged his mother, “Even if this problem can’t be solved, Elliot won’t blame you. If he dares to blame you, we will abandon him.”

“Hayden, your father won’t blame me. On the contrary, he has always been afraid of involving me. Everything I do now is done voluntarily.” Avery smiled at Hayden.

“Mom, what’s wrong with your nose?” Hayden stared at the Band-Aid on Avery’s nose.

“I was lying on the phone last night, and the phone accidentally fell on my nose.” Avery said calmly, “It doesn’t hurt much, just a little blue. It will be fine in two days.”

Hayden: “Be careful in the future…”

Avery: “Hmm.”

In the hotel.

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the memorial service began on time.

Travis, dressed in black, stood aside and mourned with the guests who came to attend the memorial service.

After a while, a bodyguard strode up to Travis and whispered a few words.

Travis immediately left the scene with the help of bodyguards.

Emilio had been standing beside Travis this morning, but the voice of the bodyguard talking to his father just now was too low, and Emilio didn’t hear anything.

After his father walked away, Emilio looked at his father’s figure and quickly disappeared from sight.

What is Travis going to do?

From preparing for the funeral to now, Emilio has not figured out what medicine his father sold in the gourd.

Maybe his father usually scolded him right, Emilio was really stupid.

Travis went outside the hotel with the help of bodyguards.

In front of an ordinary car, Travis met the person he wanted to meet.

Margaret’s research results were not researched by Margaret alone.

Margaret had a team of ten people, and everyone in this team was a leader in the medical field.

It’s just that after Margaret successfully researched the resurrection, she dismissed the team.

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