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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2158 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2158

Avery: “Didn’t you say that you didn’t take out your cell phone when you got off the plane? How did you hear that Travis was discharged from the hospital?”

Elliot: “When you made the video call to me, it happened that Chad sent me a message that popped up. Come on, I just saw this sentence.”

Avery: “So coincidental?”

“Well, it is such a coincidence. Do you think that after I got off the plane, I did not contact you, but contacted others?” Elliot had already smelled her through the airwaves.

“Okay, I believe you.” Avery leaned against the head of the bed and said lazily, “I won’t go to Margaret’s funeral. You can rest assured.”

Elliot: “Well. Layla and Robert have grown up again.”

“It’s not just our children who have grown up. I think Kara and Maria have grown up too.” Avery smiled knowingly, “We are getting old too!”

“As long as our hearts are not old, we will not be old.” Elliot didn’t want to. If he admit that he’s old, he will never admit that Avery is old.

Just like he looked at Layla, no matter how old Layla was, in his eyes, Layla was a child.

In his eyes, Avery would always be that confident and radiant woman.

“Looking at your radiant face, I’m in a good mood!” Avery looked at his bright face, and her heart followed him happily, “I knew I would have returned to Aryadelle with you.”

Elliot: “They are all looking forward to your return with Hayden.”

“It’s possible for me to go back, but Hayden forgets it. He must finish all his studies here before he can consider returning to Aryadelle to settle down.” Avery said, and laid down, “He seems to prefer to stay in Bridgedale. If he chooses to stay in Bridgedale in the future I will not object to settling in the country.”

Elliot: “Well. Hayden can be wherever he wants. Anyway, the transportation is convenient now, and it is convenient to go anywhere.”

Avery yawned, and when she reached out and rubbed her eyes, the hand holding the phone loosened, and the phone slammed onto the bridge of her nose with a bang.

She screamed in pain.

“Avery! Are you alright?” Elliot heard her scream across the screen, his heart almost stopped.

In the dining room, Layla heard her father’s voice and ran over first.

Layla: “What’s wrong with my mother?”

Following closely, others ran towards Elliot.

On the other side of the video call, Avery heard the commotion on Elliot’s side, and wanted to get under the covers in embarrassment.

“Layla, mom is fine…” Avery covered her sore nose with one hand and looked at the camera sternly.

After her voice was settled, on the other side of the video call, everyone’s faces rushed to appear on the camera.

“I’m really fine… I was lying down talking about the video just now, and the phone accidentally fell on my face.” Avery couldn’t help laughing and crying.

“Avery, is your nose alright?” Tammy asked with concern, seeing that Avery had been covering her nose.

“It’s alright, it’s just a little pain, not serious.” She took the hand covering her nose away and showed it to everyone.

From the video, it looks fine.

But Avery estimated that her nose would be blue tomorrow.

Tammy: “Then you should rest early! Don’t lie down with your phone in the future. What if it hits your eyes?”

“Well, I’m going to sleep. Go to dinner!” Avery said embarrassedly.

After hanging up the video call, Avery got out of bed and looked at her nose in front of the dressing mirror.

The nose looked red, and was not yet green.

She was too lazy to get the medicine kit, so she just lay down and went to sleep.

When she woke up the next morning, her nose was really blue.

After washing her face, she found a Band-Aid to cover the blue part of her nose.

While eating breakfast, she turned on her phone and a news pop-up popped up.

Margaret’s funeral and memorial service would begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. today.

Margaret, as the winner of the March Medical Award, would inevitably be attended by many people from the medical field at her funeral.

Avery actually wanted to go to the scene to see it, but she also knew that if it passed, there would definitely be potential dangers.

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