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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2155 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2155

Before this, Gwen had never called Elliot so affectionately.

In the past, she always thought that Elliot was an invulnerable god, but after experiencing this incident, she found that Elliot was just an ordinary person with flesh and blood.

Elliot didn’t expect that Gwen would suddenly change her name to call him brother, which was a little uncomfortable.

Elliot strode up in front of them, and before he could speak, Ben Schaffer followed suit and called out brother.

Elliot: “…”

“He is my brother, not your brother!” Gwen glared at Ben Schaffer, “I haven’t married you yet!”

“Gwen, you have already agreed. I proposed, you have to marry me sooner or later.” Ben Schaffer was not convinced, “You said before that you would marry me when you found your brother. Now that your brother is back, when will we have the wedding?”

Elliot: ” Is the wedding ready?”

“It’s ready! My parents prepared it.” Ben Schaffer explained, “I should have prepared it, but after your accident, I’m really not in the mood to prepare for the wedding.”

“Since you’re ready, then you two get married as soon as possible!” Elliot meant that while he was still in good health, he could still see them getting married, so the wedding should be done as soon as possible.

Ben Schaffer couldn’t understand his overtones.

Ben: “I’m not in such a hurry. Wait for Avery to solve your problem…”

“Her senior said that she might not be able to solve my problem for the rest of her life.” Elliot asked Ben to think about some practical problems, “You are not young. Now, hurry up and settle down so your parents can feel at ease.”

“Brother, why don’t you ask me for my opinion? How do you turn your elbow out?” Gwen pulled Elliot’s arm, “I’m your sister!”

Elliot was not used to Gwen being so close to him, so he pushed her hand away, “Ben Schaffer is the best choice you can find now.”

“Isn’t Ben just richer than me? I’m younger than him…” Gwen whispered softly.

“I know him well, and his advantages are not only reflected in economic aspects.” Elliot explained to Gwen in detail, “Ben will not treat you badly. If you go out and find a man yourself, can you guarantee that others will always treat you well? “

How can you guarantee that Ben will always be good to me?” Gwen retorted to Elliot, “Unless you stay alive and become his boss.”

“You are wrong.” Elliot corrected Gwen, “I am not his boss, we two are partners.”

Gwen: “…”

Ben Schaffer felt amused when he heard the words of the two brothers and sisters: “Okay, let’s get in the car first! Elliot, Gwen has already decided to marry me, so don’t worry about me. I can tell you for sure that I conquered her with my personal charm. It has absolutely nothing to do with my money.”

Gwen broke down: “Don’t you try going bankrupt now?”

Ben Schaffer: “….”

After the three of them got into the car, the car drove towards Foster’s house.

“I thought Avery would come back with you.” Gwen asked, “Brother, how long will you be back?”

“About a week!” Elliot replied, “Avery is very busy.”

“Has the research progressed?” Ben Schaffer was concerned about the inquiry.

Elliot: “Margaret died, leaving nothing behind.”

“This Margaret is really vicious! You have no grievances with her, why does she torture you like this? She can die, why not put the device in your head? whr doesn’t she tell you about it clearly?” Ben Schaffer frowned, feeling that the matter was very difficult, “What happened to Travis?”

“Margaret didn’t tell him any relevant clues. So I asked Norah to put him on the line. He will face huge debts next.”

“Find the solution.” Ben Schaffer prayed.

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