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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2154 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2154

“Avery, in three days, our family will hold a funeral for Margaret and Emmy. Can you come to attend?” Emilio asked, “If you don’t have time, forget it.”

“Your dad helps them. A funeral?” Avery questioned, “Your dad should hate Margaret to death, why did he help her with a funeral?”

“I don’t know.” Emilio really didn’t know the reason. Besides, he didn’t want to reveal Travis’s plan to Avery anymore. Now the Jones family was in debt of $7 billion, a figure he couldn’t imagine. He couldn’t stand on the opposite side of his father and help Avery and Elliot.

“Oh…let’s talk about it in three days!” Avery thought for a while, and replied, “Is your dad okay?”

Emilio: “Not so good. He borrowed $7 billion from the bank.”

“Emilio, You want to open up. That’s his debt, not yours. You don’t have to pay for him.” Avery didn’t know what to say other than comfort.

Because it was impossible for Avery to return the money to Travis.

Elliot told Avery that when Norah transferred money to him, according to his request, he noted the money for the purchase of the concept machine, so even if Travis went to court, he would not be able to get it back.

Travis could only go to Norah. And Norah didn’t have so much money to return Travis.

Therefore, Travis could only eat this dumb loss abruptly.

As long as Elliot thought that Travis’s half-life hard work had been pitted by himself, he would feel a sense of revenge.

Avery’s mood was the same as his.

She couldn’t be soft-hearted, let alone soft-handed, to a wicked person like Travis.

Emilio: “Avery, although my dad owes so much money, we will definitely be able to pay off the debt. You don’t have to pretend to comfort me.”

“Since you think I’m fake, why did you invite me to Margaret’s funeral?” Avery retorted, “I’m not familiar with Margaret. I don’t have any friendship with you either. If I have time to fake it with you, it’s better to lie in bed and sleep for a few more minutes.”

“I just called and invited you according to the list my dad gave me. if you don’t like to participate then don’t come.” Emilio was in a bad mood, so he just kept talking.

“Okay, I see.” Avery hung up the phone.

Elliot saw that Avery finished talking on the phone angrily, walked in front of her, and touched her hair: “Emilio?”

“Well. Emilio’s mad at us.” Avery put the phone in the bag,and said, “He is from the Jones family after all. Now the Jones family has almost been hollowed out, and his life has undergone great changes. I was not the same as him. Today’s incident just made us all recognize this. One point.”

Elliot: “I heard you say the funeral, Margaret’s?”

“Yeah! Travis was planning to hold a funeral for Margaret and Emmy and wanted to invite me.” Avery saw Elliot’s face change, as if it was dangerous she immediately said, “I won’t go. We and Travis have completely torn apart our faces. Travis must have no good intentions in inviting me.”

“It’s good that you have this vigilance.” Elliot breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m not stupid.” Avery said and walked forward, “I just want to quickly crack the device in your head. I don’t even have time to go back to see the children, where can I go to participate in Margaret’s funeral?”

Elliot: “Well.”

Two days later, Aryadelle.

Elliot came out of the airport and saw Ben Schaffer and Gwen at a glance.

“Brother!” Gwen shouted excitedly when she saw Elliot.

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