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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2153 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2153

“If you take it back to your two children, you say it’s a gift you bought for them.” Avery thoughtfully explained, “You disappeared for so long, and the two children were worried and sad, so you brought a gift back, they’ll be happier.”

Elliot took a look at the gift she bought.

The gift she bought for Layla was a beautiful hairpin.

“My daughter’s hobbies haven’t changed over the years.” Elliot chuckled.

“Layla is pretty, she likes any kind of jewelry. She’s still young, so it’s not appropriate to wear necklaces, bracelets, etc., so hair clips are better.”

“There are many such toys in Aryadelle, I can buy them for him when I go back to Aryadelle.”

“It doesn’t take up space, you put them in the suitcase.” Avery said, taking the two gifts and walking towards the master bedroom, ” Is the flight booked?”

Elliot: “It’s fixed. We will take off at 11 o’clock tomorrow.”

“Okay. You have returned to Aryadelle. If you feel unwell, you must go to the hospital immediately.” Avery explained earnestly, “Elliot, actually I think the children should be fine fine if they came here.”

“Avery, I’ve already bought the ticket and I’ve already called Layla.” Elliot knew that Avery couldn’t let go of herself, so he reassured, “I’ll be fine. My body will be fine, I know. I feel like I’m no different from before.”

Avery: “Because you are at home now, you don’t have to travel long distances. It takes ten hours on the plane, and the feeling of weightlessness when the plane takes off and landed. I’m afraid You can’t take it.”

“Avery, according to what you said, I can’t go anywhere but stay here.” Elliot patiently persuaded her, “If I can only live so fragile, it doesn’t really matter.”

Avery: “You can’t. Think only of yourself, not my feelings and the child’s.”

The two entered the master bedroom, and Avery took out a small suitcase and packed him.

“I’m sure I’m not as vulnerable as you think.” Elliot followed behind her, watching her pack,
“Actually, you don’t need to pack, there is everything at home in Aryadelle.”

“Then let’s go buy some gifts later! Pack a box of gifts and Go back.” Avery brought him a brand new set of toiletries and a spare set of clothes.

There’s plenty of space left in the trunk.

“Well, go for a walk after dinner.” Elliot thought that he was about to go back to see the two lovely children, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t restrain his rise, “I’ll give you that money from Travis!”

Avery blushed and turned to the side. Looking over at him: “What are you doing for me?”

“You have to spend a lot of money to find someone to study the device in my head together?” Elliot made a random excuse, “I’m already very uneasy for you to be burdened. I want you to spend money…”

“Don’t do this… If you want to give money, then give it. I’ll just take it.” Avery got goosebumps, “You’re still normal. One point, talk to me like before.”

Elliot smiled and took out a bank card from his pocket and handed it to Avery: “Travis owes a lot of debt now, I wonder if he can pay it off before he dies.”

Avery: “Travis deserves it. If he didn’t mess with us, we wouldn’t harass him like this.”

Elliot: “Yeah.”

After dinner, the two went shopping and bought gifts for the children.

At the same moment, Emilio received the funeral guest list from his father.

Emilio glanced at the list and saw Avery’s name in the list.

He wasn’t sure if Avery would come to Margaret and Emmy’s funeral, so he dialed Avery.

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