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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2150 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2150

Avery refuted his words: “There is no power, if there is power, it is our own power.” Paused Immediately, she reacted, “Emmy is dead?”

“Yes. Suicide by taking poison.” Emilio replied, “She and Margaret took the same poison. the mother and daughter had long expected this outcome, so she made preparations in advance.”

Avery felt a heart-wrenching pain in her heart.

Why is this happening?

All Travis wanted was Margaret’s resurrection technique. If Travis got what he wanted, he would not kill Emmy, so why did Emmy commit suicide?

“Emilio, before Emmy died, did she give Margaret’s things to your father?” Avery asked.

“No. I wasn’t there. Emmy was already dead when I came here.” Emilio stood outside the door of the ward with a solemn expression, “My dad should not have 14 billion in cash, he must have borrowed money. If he can’t get the money back, I don’t think his blood pressure will go down.”

“Are you worried that your father is dead and his debts become your debts?” Avery was in a bad mood, but Emilio felt the same. “As long as you don’t inherit your father’s estate, you don’t have to pay the debt for your father.”

“I didn’t think about it that much.” Emilio replied, “You know my relationship with my father. I have no feelings, and I have no feelings for him. I only have feelings for the wealth and halo that the Jones family gave me. I like to be the second son of the Jones family, and I like being called the second son of the Jones family. Do you think I am very Hypocrisy?”

“I understand your feelings. But Emilio, it’s better for people to rely on themselves. Whether it’s parents or lovers, it’s better to rely on yourself.” Avery seemed to be persuading him, but she was actually persuading herself.

Emmy was dead, and now the breakthrough on Margaret’s side was completely broken.

In this way, she could only rely on herself and her team. This will make progress much slower. But there was also an upside.

That is, no need to worry about being threatened by anyone anymore.

“Thank you for comforting me.” Emilio felt a lot better, “I didn’t expect Norah to be so bold. This woman always exceeds my expectations. She and I are half-siblings. But I don’t have the courage she has at all.”

Avery: “What’s the use of the courage to do bad things?”

“Norah’s also better at work than me. My dad admires her more, but it’s a pity she’s a woman.” Emilio knew very well. He was lacking in his abilities, and he knew his strengths very well.

Travis’s patriarchal ideology was deeply rooted, his eldest brother had been abolished, and he was now the only heir to the Jones family.

Avery was puzzled: “Why did Norah suddenly think of cheating your father’s money?”

Emilio: “Maybe it wasn’t a sudden plan. If she can succeed once, maybe she has planned for a long time.”

Avery: “Such a large sum of money is enough for her to live happily ever after Be happy.”

After talking on the phone, Avery couldn’t help but tell Elliot about it.

“I don’t know where Norah is hiding. We haven’t gotten revenge on her yet!” Avery was unwilling.

“Who told you about this?” Elliot asked.

“Emilio told me. He also told me that Emmy died. It’s really a pity. That girl looks young.” Avery said regretfully, “Does Margaret really leave nothing behind? Or maybe Margaret and Travis have a bad relationship and would rather give things to others than to Travis?”

Elliot: “Norah has gone to Aryadelle.”

His determined tone made Avery stunned: “Elliot, how did you know? Didn’t she cheat Travis’s money and abscond with the money?”

“No. She gave me the money what she cheated.” Elliot said calmly, “How could I let go of those who hurt us?”

Avery suddenly realized.

It turned out that this was a trap set by Elliot!

These days, Elliot went to the company every day, not to deal with official business, but to design revenge against Norah.

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