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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2145 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2145

Explain that this so-called relative was not a relative.

Not long after, Chad strode over and reported, “Boss, that woman is Zion White’s wife. Zion White, do you remember? Your half-brother.”

When Elliot heard the man’s name, his face became gloomy.

He knew that Zion had always been in Bridgedale.

Zion is a person who has no ability, but his heart is higher than the sky.

“Why did his wife come to see me?” Elliot didn’t really want to see that woman.

“She asked you for money.” Chad replied, “She said that Zion failed to start a business and owed a lot of debt outside. Not to mention the debt, people don’t know where to go now. And the creditor found her here. There is a way to repay the debt, so she came to you for help.”

“How much does she want?” Elliot stood up from his chair.

Chad: “I didn’t ask. Should I ask now?”

Elliot: “You bring her here and I’ll ask.”

“Okay.” Chad left the conference room and brought Zion’s wife over.

After bringing the person, Chad immediately walked out.

Zion’s wife was crying with tears all over her face, and she was out of breath when she spoke: “Elliot, I really have no choice…”

“When did you and Zion get married?” Elliot never heard of Zion’s marriage news.

“The certificate we got the year before last, we had the wedding last year. I’m five months pregnant now, but his whereabouts are unknown.” Zion’s wife burst into tears, “If it wasn’t for the creditor, I wouldn’t even know he owed so much money. 6 million, how can I have so much money?”

The woman looked pitiful, Elliot glanced at her slightly bulging belly, and moved with compassion.

“Give me the contact information of the creditor.” Elliot couldn’t confirm whether the identity of the woman and what she said were true. After all, Zion got married and did not invite him.

Zion’s wife immediately took out her mobile phone from her bag, found a number, and showed it to Elliot.

The hospital.

When Travis was infusion, the assistant hurried into the ward.

Travis was disturbed and immediately turned black.

“Boss! I found Emmy!” If there was no major news, the assistant would not dare to be so rude.

Travis’s eyes suddenly lit up.

He propped up the bed, trying to sit up.

The assistant and the nanny helped Travis sit up.

“I searched the city through the clues you provided, but couldn’t find Emmy’s house purchase information, so I sent someone to look for it in the neighboring city, and found Emmy in the neighboring city! This Margaret is really smart. She’s not bad for this daughter! Emmy’s new house is a villa!”

Travis’s face flushed with excitement: “You’ve done a great job this time! Hurry up and arrest her! I want to ask her face to face!”

Travis added, “When I’m discharged from the hospital, I’ll reward you!” He told his assistant With admiration, “Emilio is not half as good as you!”

The assistant: “Boss, you have passed the prize.”


Two hours later.

An old man dressed simply came to the Tate Industries and said that he had something to say to Elliot.

The front desk looked the old man up and down and felt that the old man might have mental problems.

How could someone as noble as Elliot know such a low-level person?

“If you don’t leave, I’ll tell the security to drive you away!” The front desk threatened.

The old man looked helpless: “I’m also entrusted by others, otherwise I don’t want to run so far… Then you have a message for Elliot… A girl asked me to tell him, saying Everything is fake.”

17 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2145 By Naijdate.Com”

  1. Thank you translator , for a little bit of sunshine this morning. That hopefully like we all figured the device is fake only a pain stimulating or relieving device. That is why Margaret committed suicide cause she knew she would be found out as a huge fraud!
    I hope that the author doesn’t have this go back into another scam on Elliott with the so called sister in law! That Hayden now’s understands his parents original situation and will give his father some respect and love. Avery should have been jones with the children instead of allowing them to think so low of their Dad.
    Fingers crossed we will see Avery and Elliott be finally United without games and bring their family back together without turmoil . I love that Elliott has acknowledged and figured out how to get to Hayden’s heart, jus hope Hayden realizes he is identical to his father and would have handled things very similar and finally forgives Elliott for the horrible choking incident .
    Nice knowing if Elliott doesn’t take revenge , Hayden will for his family.

    1. Meant Avery should have told the truth and whole story of her and Elliott’s story ! how Elliott without knowing was forced to marry Avery and was violated by having invitro done while he was in a coma to impregnate Avery . Avery is to blame for turning his children against him and then constantly lying or not telling Elliott what was is going on. Don’t get me wrong Elliott is also to blame for how he handled and lied , but he was forced without any decision of his own ! She went into marrying a guy in a coma knowing it was to better her family and he was not expected to wake. I’m glad they fell in love but hopefully all was told to Hayden the good and bad.
      You wonder if Mike and all of Avery’s close friends really know the truth?

      1. There was a conflict in the beginning that they shiuld finally resolve. Elliot said he would engtangeled the child in avery’s womb thinking that it was cole foster’s child , that avery cheated on him. But avery deliberately said they are cole’s children because of fear that elliot would abort them, cause elliot by then hates children because of his fabricated sickness.

        1. Exactly! Elliot made it clear that he did not want children. He even stated that he would kill the child if she continued with .the pregnancy. She believed him and moved. I think that Mike was primarily the one who spoke negatively of Elliot to the kids.

  2. This woman also said Zion’s location is unknown. This all mighty very successful Elliott can’t be that stupid and just believe this woman or that old man…

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