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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2143 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2143

Travis frowned suddenly: “Norah, you really think I should spend so much money to buy shares of the Tate Industries?”

“Dad, if you give this opportunity to others, someone will be willing to pay the money.” Norah argued, “Now Elliot is busy with his life, and Avery is busy looking for experts to study his disease, the two of them have no time to manage the Tate Industries, so there is a loophole to take advantage of. If you don’t take this opportunity, what if Avery rescues Elliot? “

Travis couldn’t read the contract when Norah talked about this.

“Norah, are you sure what you said is true?” Travis had been busy with Margaret’s wedding these days and planning a bigger business, so he didn’t pay much attention to Tate Industries.

“I’m sure. If I’m not sure, how would I dare to tell you?” Norah was afraid that Travis would not believe her, so she said, “I have a good personal relationship with the vice president of Sterling Group. As long as Elliot didn’t ask him to target me, he wouldn’t. It’s embarrassing for me. And we are all here according to the gambling agreement I signed with Elliot. Even if Elliot makes trouble in the future, he will not take care of it.”

Travis stared at Norah, and after thinking for a few seconds, he decided to fight.

Because the prospects of the Tate Industries were far ahead of the MH Medicine.

Now even if he emptied out MH Medicine, he had to eat the big fat Tate Industries!

After all, Margaret was dead, and his plan was likely to be stranded.

Now it depended on whether the Tate Industries could succeed in this wave.

Travis: “Okay. I’ll leave this matter to you. Once it’s done, the Tate Industries will be handed over to your supervisor in the future.”

Norah: “Thank you Dad. I will not disappoint your expectations. You have a good rest, and I will do it tomorrow. When it is done, I will see you again.”

“You must report to me every day. If something goes wrong, do you know what will happen to you?” Travis said seriously.

Norah: “I understood.”

After coming out of the hospital, Norah got into the car, turned on her phone, clicked on the ticketing software, and started to look back Airfare for Aryadelle.

The world is so big, but it seems that there is no place to live.

It’s Norah’s fault that she had too much ambition at the beginning, but her ability could not support such ambition.

The next day, in the morning.

Her card received $14 billion from Travis.

Because the gambling agreement was signed by her and Elliot, the money could only be transferred to the Tate Industries through her to complete the gambling agreement.

But in fact, Norah signed a cancellation letter with Elliot yesterday to terminate the gambling agreement.

This money, Norah was cheating!

It was Elliot who asked Norah to lie to Travis.

Because Travis loved money, Elliot wanted to make Travis bleed!

Norah looked at the number of $14 billion on the phone screen, and was about to burst.

In fact, she could take the money and escape to the ends of the earth, as long as she was determined not to let Travis find it, she would definitely be able to hide it well.

Travis was over 70 years old, and he would definitely die in a few years.

When he’s dead, Norah won’t have to hide anymore. But thinking that her parents would be killed by Elliot by doing this, and that she had to live through countless lives hiding like ants, her scalp felt numb.

After taking a deep breath, she made a quick decision.

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