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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2142 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2142

Avery’s smile suddenly solidified.

“I also like your domineering.” Elliot added, “I used to think that I should protect you and our children, and I think it’s my duty. But now I can’t protect you, and I want you to protect me, causing me that it was difficult to accept mentally, so I was depressed for a while.”

“Then have you figured it out now?” Avery could feel a lot of relaxation from his light tone.

“Hayden taught me a lesson today.” He shrugged, “I feel like I might be really old.”

“Don’t think like that. Everyone gets old. When people get old, they are like old worn-out machines. It is inevitable that there will be a shaft.” Avery said and picked up the chopsticks and gave him a piece of beef, “Eat and drink well, I hope there will always be.”

“You went to see those experts today, do you think they are reliable?” Elliot expressed doubts about the person Mike found.

Avery put a chopstick of green vegetables in her mouth and chewed it slowly: “I don’t know enough about it yet, so I don’t dare to make comments. But that Ivory Pepin is still very famous. I never thought he would come to help me.”

“He was attracted by the resurrection technique!” Elliot guessed.

“Yes. Like me, Ivory doesn’t believe in such a miraculous operation at all. It’s too sensational to bring people back to life.” Avery said and she changed the conversation, “Maybe our thinking has been solidified, so it is difficult to accept beyond things within the scope of her own knowledge.”

Speaking of which, Avery asked, “What about you? Did you go to the Tate Industries today? Have you met Norah?”

“Yes.” Elliot looked relaxed, “Avery, The Tate Industries is yours. It will always be yours. I won’t rob you of anything.”

Avery: “I know. I doubted you before, but then I chose to trust my own judgment.”

“When you have free time, transfer the company back to your name.” Elliot discussed with her, “Or Tomorrow!”

“So anxious?” Avery glanced at him, “I don’t think you need to transfer it to me. It’s fine under your name. You must have made a private will, right? When you made your will, give the Tate Industries to Layla. Just pull it.”

Elliot: “Okay.”

The hospital.

Norah came to Travis’s ward to visit him.

“Dad, how are you feeling today?” Norah put the flowers on the table.

“What are you doing here?” Travis asked. His face was sullen.

“My mother asked me to come and see you.” Norah calmly replied, “Also, I have good news for you.”

Travis’s eyes suddenly lit up: “What good news? You found Emmy? Finding Emmy is good news!”

“I don’t have any news about Emmy. I’m sorry.” Norah lowered her head in shame.

“Hehe, I knew you were useless! Even Emilio didn’t find Emmy, how could you find Emmy?” Travis glared at her contemptuously, “Tell me, what do you want to tell me?”

“Dad, do you still want the Tate Industries?” Norah asked seriously, “Today, with the attitude of giving it a try, I chatted with the top management of Sterling Group to achieve the goal ahead of schedule and whether I can immediately fulfill the promises in the gambling contract, the other side said yes. He didn’t even say to ask Elliot… So I asked him for a share transfer contract after the performance of the agreement.”

Norah opened the bag and took the contract from the inside and took it out and handed it to Travis.

“I have read the contract, and it matches the terms in the gambling agreement.” Norah said.

Travis gave the nanny a look, and the nanny immediately raised the head of his hospital bed.

“Dad, it’s actually the equivalent of spending your money to buy shares in the Tate Industries.” Norah explained, “I personally think that the Tate Industries is a company with great potential. You will never lose money if you buy it.”

“How much does it cost?” Travis put on his glasses and asked while looking at the contract.

Norah: “$14 billion.”

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  1. I always felt Tate Industries should go to Layla. Avery has already fulfilled her father’s dream with Dream Makers. Hayden will build his own empire, and Robert will get Sterling Group.

  2. Is Norah serious about selling the Tate industries to Travis or is she trying to swindle Travis of $14b? What is she trying to do?

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