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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2141 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2141

Hayden’s face turned red.

“I think you’re old. You’re going to commit suicide because of that old thing. It’s stupid!” Hayden scolded him a little lower.

Elliot: “As people grow older, their temper does change. When I first met your mother, your mother suffered a lot of grievances with me. Of course, I was also very aggrieved at that time and I like your mother very much.”

Hayden didn’t know much about their past.

So he suddenly heard Elliot talk about it, he thought it was very interesting, and he didn’t interrupt.

When Avery came back, the living room was peaceful.

The nanny walked up to her with a smile and whispered to Avery, “the two of them didn’t quarrel. Mr. Foster followed Hayden in everything and didn’t give Hayden a chance to get angry at all.”

Avery breathed out silently.

“Boss, should I go buy chestnuts?” Ali asked behind her.

“Okay.” Avery responded, walked to Hayden and sat down, “Hayden, let mother see your face.”

“It’s all right.” Hayden didn’t want his mother to see the scars on his face.

Avery grabbed his hand and held it in her own. After thinking for a moment, she said, “Hayden, we can’t look at your father in the eyes of normal people now. When people are sick, their minds are very fragile. Your father’s condition is like a terminally ill person. His condition is worse than that of ordinary patients. So I have always been cautious, fearing that he will be stimulated.”

“It turns out that every time I was cautious, I was reminding him that he was not the Elliot he used to be…” Avery added, “We’ll just treat him as a normal person in the future.”

Elliot got up from the sofa with an embarrassed look: “Let’s go eat!”

“Mom, I just drank the soup, and I don’t want to eat it now. Go eat it!” Hayden took his hand out of his mother’s palm and walked outside.

“Hayden, it’s cold outside, you have to wear a coat!” Avery was worried and went to his room to get him a coat.

Hayden stood at the door of the villa, leaning on his side, waiting for his mother to bring his coat.

Elliot stood in the living room, also turned his body sideways, his eyes fell on Hayden.

Out of the corner of Hayden’s eyes, he saw that his father was looking at him, and he was very uncomfortable, so he lowered his head, raised his foot and kicked the stone that did not exist under his feet.

Not long after, Avery came out with Hayden’s coat and put it on Hayden.

“Put the mask on.” Avery took a mask out of the shoe cabinet and handed it to him, “Don’t go far, come back for dinner after a walk.”

Hayden put on the mask and walked out.

Avery watched Hayden walk away, and then walked towards Elliot.

Avery: “What did you talk about with Hayden?”

Elliot: “We talked about our past. I don’t know if we didn’t talk, but after chatting, I realized that so many years have passed.”

Avery: “Does he like to hear those things?”

“Didn’t you know? Have you told him about our past?” Elliot asked, “Hayden listened very carefully.”

“What is there to talk about in the past?” Avery cheeks were hot, and she thought about their past, and her face became even hotter. “Don’t you feel ashamed to tell your child this?”

“What is there to be ashamed of! At his age, he has already reached the age of first love. Maybe some day a little girl will lead him by the nose.” Elliot said what he was seeing everything, “My son is like me, and the person who can control him in the future must be a girl with a sweet personality.”

“Are you complimenting me indirectly?” Avery raised her eyebrows.

“It used to be sweet.” Elliot seemed to be reminiscing, and after recalling, he concluded, “You are more domineering now.”

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