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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2140 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2140

“Ali, go home first.” Avery said to Ali.

“Didn’t you buy chestnuts?” Ali wondered, “Is something wrong at home?”

“Elliot and Hayden are at home, I’m afraid they will quarrel again.” Avery said worriedly, “Hayden still so angry to me. He must also be angry with Elliot.”

Ali comforted her: “When you didn’t come out of the room last night, they didn’t quarrel. Hayden only had an attack when he saw you come out.”

Avery’s temple hurt a bit: “I’m still worried.”

Ali: “Then let’s go back now.”

The villa.

The nanny gave Elliot a bowl of chicken soup, and then brought another bowl of chicken soup to Hayden’s room.

When the nanny brought soup to Hayden, she told Hayden that Elliot was back.

So Hayden came out of the room with the chicken soup.

This was his mother’s home, which was equivalent to his home. As Avery’s legal ex-husband, Elliot was an outsider in the family, so he won’t hide in the room and let Elliot saw jokes.

The nanny did not expect Hayden to come out. But seeing Hayden finally willing to come out, she was relieved. But when Hayden walked to the living room and saw Elliot, he gasped again.

Father and son meet each other, shouldn’t it be like last night…

“Hayden, why don’t I go out for a walk with you? You haven’t gone out all day today…” The nanny wanted to take Hayden Get out and avoid.

Hayden’s eyes were fixed on Elliot’s face.

Elliot’s heart beat faster when his son watched.

Elliot said to the nanny: “Go and get busy! I’ll chat with Hayden.”

“Oh oh… OK!” The nanny quickly walked towards the kitchen.

In the living room, only the father and son were left.

Elliot sat down on the sofa, picked up the soup bowl, and took a sip of soup.

Hayden also walked to the sofa and sat down. Not to be outdone, he picked up the soup bowl and took a sip of soup.

“Hayden, you can be mad at me, but don’t be mad at your mother. She blamed herself last night, tossing and turning all night and couldn’t sleep.” Elliot broke the silence, “No matter how much you blame me or hate me, It’s okay. It’s okay if you scold me. But don’t hate your mother for that.”

Hayden: “Don’t try to sow discord there. You can’t sow my relationship with my mom!”

“You know I’m not trying to sow discord.” After drinking the soup, Elliot put the soup bowl on the coffee table and looked at Hayden calmly, “I don’t want you to hate me either. But I know I can’t change your mind. I can only tell you, I never thought of deliberately cause you trouble. On the contrary, I am most afraid of causing trouble for you, so I will make such a choice.”

“Only a coward would choose to use death to escape trouble!” Hayden said. He looked down on his behavior.

“You’re right. I’m not as good as you.” Elliot was willing to show weakness to his son, “I accidentally learned that Travis planned to use me to blackmail your mother into marrying his son Emilio. I can’t watch your mother marry someone else. And this makes me more uncomfortable than killing me. Hayden, if you were me, what would you do?”

Elliot asked this deliberately, not only to know how his son behaved, but also to shorten the distance with his son.

“I will make those who threaten me pay a heavy price. If I die, I will let them be buried with me!” Hayden gave this answer without hesitation.

Elliot looked at him with a look of relief: “Even if I’m gone in the future, I don’t have to worry about your mother and your siblings being bullied. Hayden, I’m relieved to have you take care of them.”

Elliot’s eyes were very gentle, and his tone was doting.

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