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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2138 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2138

“Elliot, now my parents are in your hands, don’t say do one thing for you, even if it is ten Anything, a hundred things, as long as I can do it, I will do it for you. I only have one request, when I finish doing things for you, please let me live. My mother has diabetes, and my adoptive father was injured in the waist before. they can’t do heavy work. The two of them depend on me to support them, and if I die, neither of them will have a way to survive.”

Norah lowered her head, tears streaming down her face.

Chad watched this scene from the side, feeling very ironic. He didn’t sympathize with Norah at all.

In his opinion, Norah’s tears were crocodile tears.

If his sympathize with Norah and let her live, she will definitely come back to bite Elliot once she has a chance in the future.

“I asked the lawyer to draw up a document. After you sign the document first, I’ll consider whether I should give you a way out.” Elliot sat in the boss chair and looked at her lazily.

“What document?” Norah asked nervously.

Elliot picked up the phone, checked the time, but didn’t reply to her.

Chad was very curious, so he leaned into Elliot’s ear and asked in a low voice, “Boss, are you planning to abolish the gambling agreement?”

“Yes.” Elliot replied softly.

Their voices were not too loud, but just enough for Norah to hear.

Norah was now like fish on the anvil, even if she was told, it didn’t matter.

She would know when the lawyer brings the papers in later.

“I can sign an agreement to abolish the previous gambling agreement. Without Travis’s help, I would not have been able to accomplish the goal you set.” Norah knew that she had no other choice.

Even if she didn’t want to, Elliot would force her to sign the agreement.

Elliot doesn’t want to have any connection with Norah now, nor does he want to see Norah have any connection with the Tate Industries anymore.

The villa that Mike bought for the five experts was about half an hour’s drive away from where Avery lived.

The location of the villa was a little remote. The advantage was that the single-family villa had a relatively large area, which was especially suitable for doing research for them.

After Avery arrived, she found that there was no one on the first floor, but when ahe got to the second floor, ahe could hear their discussion.

The content revolves around the working principle of the device in Elliot’s head.

“You’re talking too much. If it is controlled by people, Margaret died yesterday, but isn’t Elliot still alive and well?”

“Margaret is dead, but there are other people in her team. There must be other people who also have this technology. If it is not controlled by humans, how do you explain the theory through which this device works?”

“The brain is not the same as the heart!”

“I didn’t say the brain is the same as the heart, Didn’t Avery find Margaret’s research materials? I stayed up late to read these materials, this special device made by Margaret is equivalent to remodeling a ‘neuron’…”

“I have also seen Those materials are gone! This neuron made by Margaret is an ice-cold machine! That’s why I propose that this device is controlled by humans!”

Their arguments were in full swing, and Avery stood outside the door and listened for a while. Then, a knock on the door interrupted their quarrel.

“Avery, you came just in time! How is Elliot today?” Ivory pulled her to sit beside him, “Fatty said Elliot is now a living robot under human control. His words and deeds…”

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