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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2136 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2136

“If you call her, maybe she can escape overnight.” Elliot teased.

Chad couldn’t help laughing: “You have seen Norah thoroughly.”

Elliot: “If you can’t see clearly after so many things, what’s the difference between you and a fool?”

“Boss, what are you going to do?” Chad asked, “Now that Travis has no Margaret, there is no threat to you, so we don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Of course I won’t let Norah go easily.” Elliot’s eyes became cold, “Even if Travis can still threaten me now, I’m not afraid. Instead of lingering on, it’s better to get rid of all these people before dying.”

Chad listened and frowned. “I thought Avery had a good chat with you last night.”

Chad was particularly afraid to hear the word ‘death’ from him.

“I talked to Avery. She promised me that she would never do anything that would make me angry again.” Elliot said indifferently, “I’ll trust her again for now.”

Chad: “…”

Chad thought Avery taught Elliot a good lesson last night, so that Elliot would never dare to end his life easily in the future, but Avery was taught a lesson instead?

In the villa.

Avery should have met with the five experts she invited today, and then officially devoted herself to the research work. However, she beat Hayden last night, and she didn’t sleep much all night.

She got up early this morning and wanted to apologize to Hayden after Hayden got up.

As a result, Hayden didn’t get up late.

After Elliot went out, Hayden didn’t even get up.

She could only wait patiently in the living room.

At nine o’clock in the morning, Ivory called Avery and asked her when she would arrive. Only then she plucked up the courage and knocked on Hayden’s door.

She pushed the door open and glanced inside.

Originally thought that Hayden should sleep on the bed, but it was not what she thought.

Hayden sat at the desk and played with the computer. To be precise, he was playing a game.

Seeing this, Avery immediately walked in.

“Hayden, are you hungry? Mom brought you breakfast.” Avery put milk and sandwiches on his table, “Hayden, I’m sorry. Mom is wrong. No matter how angry mom is, mom shouldn’t hit you. It’s wrong to do it.”

When Avery spoke, her eyes kept looking at Hayden’s left cheek where she was beaten.

Ali went out with Hayden last night, took Hayden to the pharmacy to buy medicine, and wiped the medicine.

Avery doesn’t know if it was because of the efficacy of the medicine, but the wound on Hayden’s face was only a faint red mark.

“Mom, I haven’t calmed down yet, please ignore me for now.” Hayden was sullen and angry, still angry.

Avery understood his son’s emotions, so she didn’t plan to entangle.

“Then remember to eat your breakfast. I’m going to work and come back in the evening. You can call me anytime, or call Mike if you have anything.” Avery urged.

“Got it.” Hayden replied.

Hayden was so sensible even when he was angry.

Avery felt uncomfortable for a while.

After coming out of Hayden’s room, she found the nanny and explained to the nanny: “If Hayden doesn’t leave the room at noon, remember to bring him food to the room.”

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