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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2134 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2134

“Hayden! How can you say such a thing to your father?” Avery didn’t expect her son to say such a thing to Elliot.

“I don’t want this kind of person to be my father!” Hayden replied loudly, “You didn’t give up on him, why did he give up? What else would he do other than cause trouble for you? He’s a jerk!”

Avery couldn’t contain the anger in her heart, and slapped Hayden.

It was the first time in her life that Avery beat a child.

Her hands were numb. Her heart hurt so bad she couldn’t breathe.

With tears in her eyes, she looked at Hayden with an incredible expression on her face.

She wanted to apologize almost instantly, but Hayden turned and ran away at a faster speed.

“Hayden!” Avery wanted to chase out.

The nanny came over and pulled Avery.

“Avery, you just hit him, he must hate you now. Just let the bodyguards go out.” The nanny advised, “Hayden is your son, he won’t be angry with you. It’s fine when he figures it out. You go to eat first!”

Avery raised her hand to wipe away her tears, where is she still in the mood to eat?

She walked towards the master bedroom.

Elliot went to the dining room.

After a while, Elliot took his dinner and pushed open the master bedroom door.

Avery sat beside the bed, and when she saw Elliot walk in, she immediately reached out and wiped away the tears from her eyes.

“Let’s eat!” Elliot put dinner on the bedside table and sat down beside her, “No matter what Hayden says about me, I’m not angry. You don’t need to be angry.”

Apart from what Hayden said, Avery was uncomfortable because of what Hayden said. Out of control, she hit Hayden with her hands.

From the corner of Elliot’s eyes, he saw that her left hand was holding her right hand, and the palm of her right hand was very red, so she must have used a lot of strength to hit Hayden just now.

Elliot: “Is it the first time to beat Hayden?”

“He has been obedient since he was a child.” Avery’s voice was hoarse, “I have never seen such an obedient child.”

But Avery beat the most obedient child.

“When Hayden gets angry, you apologize to him. He will forgive you.” Elliot gave her an idea, “Eat first! The food won’t taste good when it’s cold.”

“Have you really eaten it?” She quickly adjusted her mood and looked at Elliot, “What are you doing today?”

Elliot: “Having a headache today, I slept in the hotel. I ate it.”

After receiving his answer, Avery felt a little more at ease.

Avery picked up her chopsticks and bowl and started to eat dinner.

“Actually, Hayden is so angry, not only because I never gave up on you, but also because he never gave up on you.” Avery took a mouthful of rice and explained to Elliot, “You disappeared in the basement in Yonroeville, and I was looking for you, and Hayden also kept going and was looking for you. Hayden must have been trying to help you get out of Margaret’s control. He never tells others about things in advance, we only know when he does a good job. For example, when he went to bribe Travis’s former bodyguard, it was revealed that Travis…This is what Hayden did.”

After listening to her words, Elliot felt more guilt than self-blame.

“I’m not saying this to say that you did something wrong. I understand how bitter you are. Elliot, it’s not that I don’t understand you. It’s just that no matter how hard it is, we have to live. Only by living can there be hope.” Avery expresses her inner thoughts.

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