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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2125 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2125

Travis hung up the phone and went down to wash with the help of the servant.

“Master, Ms. Gomez may not get up yet.” The servant comforted Travis.

“I guess so. She usually sleeps a lot.” Travis felt a lot better when he thought about it.

After washing up, the servant will be sent to Travis’s room as soon as possible.

While eating breakfast, Travis answered the phone to receive blessings from friends.

After breakfast was over, the bodyguard called.

“Boss, I’m at the door of Margaret’s house now. I rang the doorbell several times, but no one opens the door. I can’t get through by calling her. What should I do now?” The bodyguard was a little anxious.

“No one opened the door?” Travis gasped and said without hesitation, “Break the door! Today’s wedding, she’s just dizzy!”

Travis will never allow any mistakes in today’s wedding.

Not even if it’s just late!

Travis didn’t hang up, so he heard the sound of the bodyguard shooting.

After the door was kicked open, the bodyguard quickly entered the room.

“Madam!” the bodyguard shouted, “Madam, it’s time to get up! The boss asked me to pick you up!”

There was no answer.

The bodyguard could only open the bedroom door without authorization.

The door was pushed open, and the bedroom was empty, with no one at all.

“Boss! Margaret isn’t here! There’s no one in her house!” The bodyguard panicked, “I brought her back last night and saw her enter the house with my own eyes. But now, there is no one in her family!”

Travis was calm. Blood attacking the heart, he felt that things were not going well!

How could a living person disappear out of thin air?

Did Margaret escape from marriage on purpose, or was she kidnapped?

Travis: “Send someone to find her right away! No matter what method you use, you must find her before today’s wedding! Otherwise, I’ll throw you to feed the wild dogs!”

“Not good! Master! Ms. Gomez’s dress is missing!” A servant rushed to report the situation, “Ms. Gomez’s dress and your dress are put together, and your dress is in, but Ms. Gomez’s dress is missing!”

“Which dress is missing?!” Travis asked in a loud voice.

The servant: “That black… black dress! That’s the dress for the ceremony! It’s also the first dress to be worn today!”

Originally, Travis also suspected that Margaret was kidnapped, but now it seems that she was not kidnapped at all!

Otherwise, how could her dress disappear along with it?

There was only one possibility – Margaret left with a black dress on purpose!

Today was their big wedding day, which was also the grandest wedding in Travis’s dozen or so marriages.

Almost the entire Bridgedale knew that he and Margaret were getting married today. If Margaret really rab away from the marriage, his face would be completely wiped out!

He was embarrassed, how could he let Margaret go?

Did Margaret never think about this?

Was Margaret not afraid of death?

“Find… find her for me!” Travis’s eyes were like copper bells, his eyes were scarlet, and his body was trembling, as if he was about to fall down at any time, “If you can’t find her, you will all die for me!”

His voice was settled, and the servants in the family ran to find Margaret in panic.

Elliot’s bodyguard, who had mixed in with the Jones family, saw the chaos in the Jones family, and immediately pulled a person to inquire about the situation.

After learning that Margaret was missing, the bodyguard immediately reported the news to Chad.

“Is there anyone else who wants to kidnap Margaret?” the bodyguard guessed.

Chad was completely confused.

Besides them, who else would attack Margaret?

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  1. What is so difficult in releasing all the remaining chapters and let one enjoy this story once and for all. I’m tired of this few chapters you are given us everyday.

      1. I just don’t understand what so hard with letting Elliott and Avery finally be happy and start living as an all together as a family. Please end this story soon after they are finally happy.

    1. I agree iv told family and friends about novel now all laughing at me astounded on how many chapters disbelieve even I eouldnt say its a chapter more a verse given up list interest after bringing elliot bk yo life really love novel it’s more scientific

  2. Oh my goodness I hope Travis and Margaret and Norah Die 😵‍💫is that wrong? I would say in real life yes in this infuriating book no! I’m sick to death of the story line I want some happiness soon! Btw thank you!

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  3. Marg died wearing the black dress and holding the trophy on Dr Hues grave.
    Now Avery knows about the removal of the device from Elliott’s head and is angry and is on her way to Elliot but wants all the info from Margaret’s daughter

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