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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2123 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2123

“It’s mainly Chad who follows him, so I’m not that worried.” Mike added.

“Entertainment?” Avery muttered these two words, and was really worried, so she asked, “What entertainment? Where to participate in the entertainment?”

“I don’t know. I also want to ask, but Chad did not say it. After all, it’s their business, how could they tell me.” Mike shrugged, “How about you call Elliot and ask?”

Mike’s words reminded her.

She immediately went to her room.

“Avery, are you sober? Are you dizzy? Would you like some soup? The nanny made you sober soup and put it in a thermos box. I’ll get it for you!” Mike chased after her and said this, go to the kitchen and get her soup.

Avery hurried back to the room, picked up the phone, found Elliot’s number and dialed it.

Hotel, Presidential Suite.

Chad heard Elliot’s cell phone ring in the living room.

He immediately went into the bedroom and picked up Elliot’s cell phone.

Seeing Avery’s call, he didn’t think much about it and answered the phone.


“Avery, it’s me.” Chad said, “My boss is asleep.”

“Where is he now? Where are you going to entertain? You know his body, how can he go to entertain?” Avery’s hands sweated anxiously, “Chad, tell me where he is? And I’m going to bring him back.”

“Avery, don’t worry. I won’t let him drink. I won’t let him stay up late. The entertainment we’re talking about is just business negotiation, not about the wine table.” Chad comforted her, “We still In Bridgedale, he won’t go very far. The reason why he wants to come out and live is to breathe a sigh of relief.”

“Sigh of relief?” Avery said quietly.

“Yes. You look at Mr. Foster too closely, he is very depressed every day. Let him take a breath outside!” Chad took off his glasses, feeling absurd for his nonsense.

He said so, Avery will definitely not insist on taking Elliot back.

But these words will hurt Avery’s heart.

“Oh…you mustn’t let him drink, and don’t let him get tired. In fact, I’m not that opposed to him going out to stay for a few days. You can explain the reason to me, I can understand.” Avery’s mood relaxed, “Chad, you have been working hard to take care of him for the past two days.”

“It’s not hard. I heard that you were drunk, are you okay now?” Chad was a little embarrassed, “Avery, what I said just now is all my guess. It’s not my boss.”

Avery: “It’s okay, I did look at him a little bit. I’m afraid that something would happen to him.”

“I understand. I don’t blame you at all, on the contrary, I thank you very much. Thank you for being my boss.” Chad glanced at the time, “it’s very late, you have to go to Margaret’s wedding tomorrow, you should rest early!”

Avery: “Well.”

Avery hung up the phone, raised her head and exhaled heavily.

Mike entered her room with the sobering soup, saw her lost soul, and sighed: “Avery, what are you thinking?”

“It must be that I was drunk tonight and made him angry.” Avery put down the phone. She took the soup bowl from Mike’s hand, “Elliot doesn’t like me being drunk.”

Mike: “Then you’re still drunk?”

Avery: “I originally planned to tell him tonight that I was going to marry Emilio. But I was drunk and didn’t tell him anything.”

“It’s not there yet! When Travis really threatens you, you can talk to Elliot again. ” Mike waited for her to finish the soup, then took the soup bowl, “Go to bed early! I’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

Avery: “Hmm.”


At 2:00 a.m.

Chad’s cell phone rang rapidly.

Chad answered the phone, and the voice of the bodyguard was about to cry: “Mr. Chad, Margaret is left! I’ve been guarding her at the door of the hotel, I swear I didn’t doze off, I didn’t see her coming out, But she’s not in the hotel anymore!”

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    1. I think that when the woman hired by Elliot to take out the chip in his brain,they will find out that Elliot will not die so the lies and deceit of margaret will be exposed because in the first place,Elliot never died,he just unconscous in the basement when they took him so it’s not true that margaret resurrected him.

      1. Yes sounds good to me. I don’t want Elliot to die. He’s the main man in this novel, main reason we continue reading this book. Plz writer don’t write him off.

      2. I agree it’s dragging too much not enough to keep me entertained. I think if I don’t at least 10 chapters a day it’s going to be quits for me!

      3. I agree! He was never dead nor resurrected by Margaret she just wants everyone to think she did for that award! He is going to be fine and the only thing Margaret won’t be in control any more.

  1. I think Margaret has run away from Travis since she has achieved her goals and she has money now she does not depend on him, there won’t be a wedding tomorrow

  2. Can you finish the story in a good way where they end up altogether and happy her this is getting crazy And I’m getting tired of reading this

  3. What are you driving at first they bought went to look for there long loss daughter and all this happened when exactly is their daughter going to show up

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