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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2118 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2118

Elliot entered the master bedroom and closed the door. In the bedroom, the smell of alcohol spread from Avery.

He walked over to the bed and took the shoes off Avery’s feet.

Avery was lying on the bed, motionless and unaware.

Elliot knew that Avery was not a good drinker, but after knowing her for so many years, it was the first time he saw Avery so drunk that she was unconscious.

How sad Avery must be to drink so much alcohol.

Elliot sat on the edge of the bed, looking at Avery’s blushing face, his eyes gradually moistened.

He didn’t want to be her burden the most, but now, he was holding her breathless.

Seeing Avery in so much pain, his heart hurt even more.

If Elliot hadn’t been resurrected by Margaret, if he had died a long time ago, Avery might have come out now, and she wouldn’t have to be tortured like this.

Not long after, the nanny cooked sober soup and knocked on the door.

Elliot opened the door.

“Mr. Foster, why don’t you wake Avery and ask her to drink some soup? I’m afraid she’s alcohol poisoned.” The nanny said worriedly, “Dinner is ready, why don’t you go eat first! I’ll wake her up.”

Elliot couldn’t bear to wake Avery up, so he walked out of the room.

He sat down in the dining room, turned on his phone, and the notification bar posted several news related to today’s March Medal Award.

He casually opened one, and saw Margaret wearing a white dress, holding a trophy, standing on the stage, dazzling.

The smile on her face, the look in her eyes, shone with the light of a winner.

Because Margaret became popular, the media also interviewed her fiance Travis.

Travis made his first response to the scandal that appeared on the LED of the Dream Maker Group Building a few days ago.

He said it was all about his former bodyguard slandering him. He didn’t do those things and couldn’t do them.

He said that the scandalous video of him appeared on the Dream Makers Group Building, not because he had a grudge against the Dream Makers Group boss, but because hackers infiltrated the Dream Makers Group’s network that night.

He also said that he has a good relationship with the boss of the Dream Makers Group, and the two companies may have surprising cooperation in the future.

Elliot wanted to drink after reading the news.

Everything had become so magical.

Since Elliot was rescued from this accident and opened his eyes, everything has been out of his control.

He has become a puppet, and can only watch his loved ones sad and helpless for his situation, but he can’t do anything about it. Although he is still alive, but this life is better than death.

After the nanny fed Avery a few mouthfuls of soup, she refused to drink it because of the headache.

The nanny came out with a bowl, and Elliot had already finished dinner.

“Mr. Foster, do you only eat so much?” The nanny saw that the dishes on the table didn’t move much. “Are you worried about Avery? She drank two sips of soup just now. When she wakes up from sleep, she should be much awake.”

“Well.” Elliot walked towards the master bedroom. He entered the master bedroom and closed the door.

On the big bed, Avery frowned, her arms were on top of her head, and her breathing was particularly heavy. She should not be sleeping soundly.

Elliot walked over to the bed and sat down, looking at her face, recalling the bits and pieces with her.

After a while, Avery suddenly opened her eyes.

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