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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2116 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2116

Hotel, the scene of the March Medical Award.

When the guests announced Margaret’s name on the stage, the spotlight suddenly hit her.

In the warm applause of everyone, Margaret got up and walked towards the stage.

“I finally stood on this stage. When I was 63 years old, I got my dream trophy. I thought I would never get this award in my life. Because to get this award, The effort required and the reward may not be proportional.” Margaret held the microphone in one hand and the trophy in the other, with an excited smile on her face, “But I waited.”

There was thunderous applause from the audience.

After the applause stopped, Margaret took a deep breath and said again: “Here, I would first like to thank my alma mater and my mentor for cultivating me. Second, I would also like to thank one person, this person is my fiance, Mr. Travis Jones.”

Margaret said, and a spotlight hit the audience and fell on Travis.

Travis’s smiling face was projected onto the big screen of the stage.

“During my long work over the years, it was he who provided me with uninterrupted financial support. Without his support, I might not be able to persist now. So I would like to thank him in particular.” Margaret expressed gratitude to Travis, “Secondly, there are members of my research team who have paid silently. When they joined my team, we signed a non-disclosure agreement, and they could not tell anyone about our research, including now that we have succeeded, but everyone don’t know their names. They were supposed to be on this stage with me…For their protection, I’m standing here today and accepting this honor.”

“I’m really happy today, so there are a lot of words… I hope you don’t mind.”

The host smiled and said: “Ms. Gomez, we can understand your joy. We are also happy for you. I heard that your alma mater has awarded three winners of the March Medicine Prize. Do you know them?” People just wanted to find a topic to chat with Margaret, and didn’t do much homework, so they didn’t know the grievances between Margaret and Professor James Hough.

After asking this question, the smile on Margaret’s face suddenly froze.

Under the stage, Emilio saw the smile on his father’s face disappear instantly.

“The first two winners of the March Medicine Prize have passed away. I don’t know the first winner, because the age gap is still quite large. As for the second one, I am quite familiar with him.” Margaret said these words always had a decent smile on her face.

Avery was sitting by the window of a restaurant, and the wine she ordered had not yet arrived. So she took her phone to watch the March Medical Prize presentation live.

In fact, Avery didn’t want to watch the live broadcast. It was the news that popped up the live broadcast link, and she clicked on it.

As soon as she entered, she saw the host asked Margaret that question.

The last time she mentioned Professor James Hough in front of Margaret, Margaret was furious and very angry.

She thought that Margaret would turn her face this time, but she didn’t expect Margaret to answer the question with a smile instead of being angry.

“James Hough is my senior but he passed away so long. I almost forgot what he looked like but I will not forget his influence on me. When he won the March Medical Prize, I swear in my heart. I, Margaret, will also work hard to get this award.” Margaret said and relieved, “Now I have done it. It’s a pity that James Hough will never know.”

… The waiter held a bottle of wine to Avery’s table.

After a while, the dishes she ordered were also on the table.

Ali sat opposite her, looking at the wine and dishes on the table.

“Boss, are you sure you want to drink?” Ali beat a drum in his heart, “Will Mike get angry when he finds out?”

“Ali, I usually never let him drink. If he dares to control me, I will scold him.” Avery hasn’t started drinking yet, but her eyes and tone seem to be drunk.

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