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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2113 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2113

Actually, Margaret heard what Travis said on the phone just now.

When Margaret started investing, he did find several people.

Not only Travis was willing to invest in her, but other people were also willing to invest in her, but the other party was not as rich as Travis, so she finally chose Travis.

But when Travis said it, it seemed that Margaret was not favored by anyone at first.

In order to elevate himself, this man reduced all her efforts to dust.

It seems that Margaret can succeed today because of Travis.

“I just mentioned my friend to you. His career is better than mine, and his son is also great. So he has always ignored me. Margaret, now that I have you, he envy me to death. Now he wants to take advantage of me. Hehe…” Travis was thinking about it.

Those who once looked down on him, he will definitely not make a fortune with them now.

“Then you have to plan well. I’m not good at doing business.” Margaret sat down opposite him, “I will do whatever you need me to do in the future. But for investment management companies, I will not help you.”

“Hahahaha! Margaret, we are a match made in heaven. You will be in charge of technology, and I will be in charge of everything else. I am confident that we will definitely become the top ten richest people in the world.” Travis spoke with confidence.

Margaret nodded: “Margaret, I believe you.”

After breakfast, the two came out of Jones’s house and went to the hotel first to see the reserved banquet hall.

After the award ceremony this afternoon, Travis will entertain all the judges of the organizing committee and all the guests present today.

The award ceremony officially started at 2:00 p.m.

After Avery had lunch at home, she was driven by the bodyguard to the award ceremony.

She arrived at the scene around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Usually, it only takes half an hour to go from home to the hotel. Today, the road to the hotel was extremely congested, which caused it to take twice as long as usual on the road.

Avery entered the venue after showing the invitation letter.

The venue was already full of people.

Because there was no suitable candidate for the previous session, there was no award.

This has caused the public to pay special attention to this session of the March Medicine Award.

When Avery was looking for her seat, she was suddenly patted on the shoulder.

“There is still a seat in front of you, go and sit in the front.” It was Emilio’s voice.

Avery looked at Emilio, wondering, “There are so many seats in front? How can there be so many seats?”

This is not watching a concert, how many more seats can you buy with a little more money?

“Your position is too far back.” Emilio took her arm and led her to the front, “My dad reserved a front row seat for you.”

Avery felt cold when she heard this.

“Emilio, you don’t think I will really marry you, do you?” She shook Emilio’s hand away.

“Otherwise? Can you watch Elliot die?” Emilio said calmly with a determined face, “Don’t worry, even if you marry me, I will not touch you. Unless you really like me, I will not touch you or force you.”

“It’s useless for you to force.” Avery glared at him, then walked towards the front with him, “I want to see Margaret alone later.”

Emilio: “My dad is here too today, So you have little chance of seeing Margaret alone.”

“I know. I don’t need to see her for a long time, just a few minutes.” Avery has already thought about it, “I’ll go to the bathroom to block her and I’ll wait there for Margaret. When I go to the bathroom, you help me drag your dad.”

17 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2113 By Naijdate.Com”

  1. Omg Avery Avery she is not telling Elliot what’s sh s up to again poor Elliot is willing to die no no can’t stand it more chapters please 🤗

  2. It is really a pity that the author doesn’t know how to give a good end to its creation.
    It was really a wonderful story in the beginning. But due to the unnecessary stretching, it has now lost its charm and I’m sure that the author has lost a lot of readers.

  3. It is really a pity that the author doesn’t know how to give a good end to the story.
    It was really a wonderful story in the beginning. But due to the unnecessary stretching, it has now lost its charm and I’m sure that the author has lost a lot of readers.

    1. I went back and reread the whole book and it was actually different and just as interesting but then the last few hundred chapters turned back to this version which was disappointing but I still can’t eat enough of this book!! I’ll probably go back and read it again to see if they go further with the different story line lol

  4. I am not complaining I am truly thankful for our translator but I only wish we could get more then 6 chapters it’s not even time to relax and enjoy reading. It just takes a few minutes to read. Anxiously awaiting to see what happens next.

  5. Why can’t Avery just think about what the heck she does, well, actually both of them. Elliott too. When he saw the message he should of said something like “we promised to tell each other everything, and I picked up your phone and read the message Emillo sent you, let’s talk about this together. “When they start communicating with each other they will stay out of dangerous situations. I do appreciate the book but can we end this book soon on a happy note PLEASE!!!

    1. Sandra, I totally agree that both Avery and Elliott need to communicate like they had promised each other.

      This book is do frustrating…all these childish reactions makes me want to smack them both up side their heads.

    2. Agreed, they should have learned from the past. I thought the writer will demonstrate that people grow n become wiser. I’m disappointed 😢.

  6. If anyone has the link to the Chinese version, could You please post it.🙏 Please and Thank You. I don’t remember how far back it was posted.

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