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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2107 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2107

“I asked you out not to talk about when Avery will succeed.” Elliot said sternly, “After Travis and Margaret get married, help me take out the special device in my brain.”

Jamie was stunned.

After a while, Jamie asked, “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

Elliot: “Yes.”

Jamie: “Does Avery know?”

“This is my business, I don’t need to discuss it with Avery.” Elliot said. He already made up his mind.

Instead of letting Avery be threatened by Travis, it is better for him to self-destruct so that no one can threaten Avery.

“You two quarreled? Or what happened? Why did you make such a decision?” Jamie was puzzled. Shouldn’t an excellent businessman like Elliot be thinking about how to survive? Why do you want to kill yourself?

“I don’t need to tell you the reason. You set a price, and I can pay you right now.” Elliot’s voice was cold, “You can’t tell Avery about this.”

Jamie: “Just come out and give it to me.”

“That device, take it out and give it to Avery.” Elliot lifted his eyelids, “I believe she will make a greater contribution to the whole society in the future.”

Jamie blushed: “Mr. Foster, I can see that you chose to take out the device because you didn’t want Avery to continue to work so hard for your affairs. But why did you choose Travis and Margaret to get married?”

Elliot: “Miss Curtis, talk about something else. Come on! If there’s nothing else to talk about…”

“Okay, I won’t talk about your motives for doing this. Let’s talk about something else!” Jamie talked to Elliot about other topics, “I have long been I know your name. Although I live and work in Bridgedale, I have heard a lot about you and Avery, as well as about you and Miss Zoe Sanford.”

Elliot was not surprised that Jamie knew Zoe.

They are all students of Professor James Hough, and even if they have not met, they must have heard of it.

Whether it’s her, Zoe or Avery, they are all the more powerful students under Professor James Hough.

“I am more familiar with Zoe than Avery. When Zoe died, I felt sorry for her, but I had already guessed that she would end like this.” Jamie sighed, “Zoe has low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem may do crazy things once they are poked at the sore spot. I don’t have much contact with Avery, but I have never had a brief contact with her and the comments of other friends around her. She is the exact opposite of Zoe. She is a very confident and determined person. She is not easily disturbed by the outside world.”

Jamie added, “Zoe was really over her power, and she fantasized about robbing Avery for a man.”

After Elliot waited for her to stop, he opened his thin lips and changed the subject: “Miss Curtis, do you know Emilio?”

Jamie was stunned for a moment, then nodded: “I know Emilio, but I’m not familiar with him. He’s the second son of the Jones family. Although he also studied medicine, his studies were not good enough. He was forced by his father into Professor James Hough’s place, and he couldn’t hold on to it, so he left early.”

These messages are not important.

“How is Emilio?” Elliot continued to ask.

Jamie wondered why Elliot was interested in Emilio, but she wouldn’t say the reason if he asked.

Jamie told Elliot what she knew, “The Jones family is a rather magical family. In the whole family, only Travis is more famous. The others are covered under Travis’s halo. Before the accident of the eldest son of the Jones family, the second son, Emilio, was not very famous. Because Originally, everyone guessed that the heir would be the eldest son. As a result, the eldest son had an accident, and the heir became Emilio. Emilio should be incompetent at work.” “As for his private life, I didn’t listen to him. Said any tidbits about him. He’s supposed to be different from his dad, he doesn’t like playing with women.”

Not far away, Chad kept looking at them.

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  1. Elliot can’t possibly want to die. Avery will just die with him leaving the kids to be raised by Mike. I’m thinking they put him in a medically induced coma and take the device out to give to Avery. Once she has the device she will be able to figure out how to duplicate it. Hayden and Mike can help since they are very skilled in technology.

  2. Here we go again with more people that we haven’t seen before being involved. Have Avery and Elliott learned nothing? They are keeping things from each other again. What a merry go round the author has us on. LOL

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