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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2106 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2106

After thinking about it in his heart, Mike called Avery back.

Mike: “He said he came for business.”

“Business? Does Sterling Group have a state-owned branch in Bridgedale?” Avery wondered.

“It doesn’t seem like…I don’t know, but I have never heard of them having a branch here. But isn’t Tate Industries a subsidiary of Sterling Group? Tate Industries’s Bridgedale branch is also considered them. The…” Mike explained, “Maybe it’s to deal with the Tate Industries?”

“Didn’t the Tate Industries give Norah full authority to deal with it?” Avery was even more puzzled, “Did they plan to deal with Norah?”

Mike: “I don’t know. Chad is angry with me. He said we didn’t tell him when we founded the Dream Maker Group, so he doesn’t tell me what he does now.”

Avery couldn’t help laughing: “If Chad is really here to deal with business, then he really can’t tell you.”

“Chad said that on purpose. Is there not enough information about Elliot that he gave me before? He was a spy. I don’t know the identity of outsiders, don’t you know? I’m afraid Elliot knows it too.” Mike teased, “I’ll go to him later and make sure he says everything.”

Avery: “Well.”

Elliot came out of Avery’s house and got into Chad’s car.

Chad was called to Bridgedale by Elliot.

On the phone, Elliot didn’t say what he wanted Chad to do in Bridgedale, and Chad didn’t ask.

After leaving Avery’s house, Chad sent Elliot to a cafe.

Elliot did come to drink coffee, but not with Chad.

Elliot made an appointment today to talk things over here.

After Chad delivered Elliot, he sat down at another table and ordered a cup of coffee.

About 10 minutes later, a woman wearing a sports cap and a black mask walked into the cafe.

After Chad saw her coming in, he scanned the surroundings, and finally walked towards Elliot.

Chad did not expect the boss to invite a woman over for coffee.

However, when this woman passed by Chad, Chad saw her feet at the corner of his eyes.

Although that woman was dressed in a neutral and casual way, she couldn’t tell her age, but the deep wrinkles at the corners of her eyes could tell that she is not young anymore.

“You came out, didn’t Avery say anything?” After the woman sat down opposite Elliot, she took off her mask, “Avery cares about you very much.”

“If I have to come out, Avery won’t stop me.” Elliot said and he picked up the coffee Cup, took a sip.

“You didn’t tell Avery about our meeting, did you?” The woman ordered a cup of plain coffee, and after the waiter walked away, she continued, “Avery actually respects me quite a bit, one senior at a time.”

“I know. I won’t invite you to my house for a few days.” The person Elliot asked was Jamie Curtis, Avery’s senior.

Jamie was one of the earliest students of Professor James Hough, and she was a bit older than Avery.

Jamie said, “We all persuaded Margaret at the time, but she didn’t listen. She insisted on starting from scratch and researching the exact same device in your head. It is no exaggeration to say that she may not be able to research it in her whole life. Avery and Margaret are both geniuses, but Margaret has more experience than Avery, and she is still too proud and conceited.”

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