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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2104 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2104

After the car drove away, Avery quickly adjusted her mood and looked at Elliot: “Elliot, don’t be pessimistic. Let’s not give up until the last moment.”

Elliot saw Hayden just now.

Hayden’s brows, eyes, and temperament were more and more like him.

He was taciturn as a child because he lived in a repressive family environment, and what about Hayden?

If Elliot’s life will end early, then he must not be a qualified father. What he owes to several children, he will never be able to make up for it in his life.

“Elliot, I thought about it. Instead of letting you rest at home every day and do nothing, why don’t you find something to do!” Avery reflected on Elliot’s pessimistic and world-weary attitude just now, “I have something to do. If you don’t, you won’t be thinking wildly.”

“Yeah.” Elliot answered in a low voice.

Avery: “I’ll buy a laptop for you tomorrow. You can take care of the company or do something else.”

Elliot: “Well.”

“Just pretend that the quarrel never happened, okay?” Avery looked him in the eye to discuss with him, “Elliot, you can’t imagine how important you are to me. I really can’t watch you leave me. As long as I have any way, I will save you.”

Elliot knew her intentions…It was because he knew that he felt so depressed that he couldn’t breathe.

Let Avery marry a man she doesn’t like for him, he can’t do it.

At night.

Avery looked at Margaret’s boxes of materials in the study room.

She wanted to sort out the key points in these materials.

First of all, it was necessary to understand the principle of this technology, and the later work would become much simpler.

After a while, the phone screen lights up.

She picked up the phone and saw the message from Tammy: [Avery, how are you and Elliot? I went to see Layla and Robert yesterday and they were both looking forward to seeing you both home! I also look forward to your return.]

Avery: [We can’t go back for the time being.]

Tammy: [I heard. Elliot’s health is not very good, is he?]

Avery: [Well.]

Tammy: [I want to see you. I’m really worried about you guys. You have been in Bridgedale for so long, and I have never heard you say when you will be back.]

Avery: [I’m quite busy. Elliot is also in a bad mood.]

Tammy: [I know. Whoever encounters this kind of thing will not feel better. Avery, you must hold on!]

Avery: [I will.]

Tammy: [I heard Mrs. Cooper say a little gossip yesterday. Aqi and Norah’s cousin Katalina…they seem to be getting on well. I heard that the Larson family is very rich, and the Larson family will definitely not be able to like Aqi at that time. Telling you this, I suddenly felt that the process of most couples being together is very bumpy. There are very few people who can be together smoothly and can live a life of love and love in peace.]

Avery: [Don’t think so much. Don’t interfere with your own life. It is not easy for you to follow Jun up to now, so you must cherish it.]

Tammy: [Hmm. Avery, if you encounter difficulties and troubles, be sure to tell me. Even if I can’t help you, I can be your tree hole. Don’t hide all the pain in your heart and digest it yourself, it’s so tiring.]

Avery looked at her words, her eyes slightly sour. Her fingers quickly typed on the screen: [I’m okay, I’m afraid Elliot won’t be able to hold it.]

Tammy: [You encourage him a lot. No one can enter his heart except you.]

Avery: [Well.]

Time flies by like a white horse.

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