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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2101 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2101

“This device is not big, but its functions are so powerful. What is the principle?” Avery walked up to The senior 1 and handed her a few pieces of paper. “This is the schematic I found in the documentation. But I don’t quite understand it. Probably because there is no relevant clinical trial, it looks like a fantasy.”

“This schematic looks like a circuit board. Have you ever tried a circuit board?” The senior 1 said, “It’s like connecting all kinds of nerves in the brain to this circuit board. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but Margaret made such a bold attempt, and her attempt was successful. “

This was far more than what Avery had learned. Even if she just made a bold assumption, she didn’t dare to think so.

“What The senior 1 said just now is right. If you want to quickly understand this device, you can only get a better understanding of its working principle by taking it out.” The senior 4 said.

Avery shook her head without thinking, “No. Elliot lives by this device now. What if he dies if we takes the device out?”

“Take out the device in Elliot’s head.” The senior 1 put down the materials, “Avery, this is too much work. You have no idea how long it took Margaret to develop this device…”

“But I am here now and also Margaret’s all research information are here.” Avery explained.

“These materials are just an exposition document and these are not core materials.” The senior 1 said, “How could Margaret show the core materials to others?”

“Avery, I’m afraid I can’t help you. I have a job, and I have children, I don’t have that much time to study for you.” The senior 1 retreated.

Avery: “I can’t do it either… To develop a device that is exactly the same as the one in Elliot’s mind, it may not be completed in a lifetime. I have other research to do.”

“Margaret will definitely use her technological achievements. Apply for a patent, and even if you develop a device exactly like her, I’m afraid it won’t be realized. Of course, I know that you may not want to realize it, but to save your lover.” The senior 1 said.

Soon, everyone came out of Avery’s study room.

After Avery sent them away, she went to the living room to get a water cup and took a sip.

“Why are they all gone? Didn’t you mean to keep them at home for dinner?” Mike was at home this weekend.

“They think it’s too difficult, and even if they waste a lot of effort to research it, it’s not profitable.” Avery stood by the sofa and sighed blankly.

Without someone to help, it may take Avery a lot of time to make a breakthrough.

Mike said, “Don’t be discouraged, everything is difficult at the beginning. Elliot is your favorite man and your child’s biological father. We will definitely save him.” Mike continued, “I’ll find the world’s top brain experts for you, and ask them one by one to see if they are willing to join your research team. Isn’t it a matter of money? We have money now, so don’t be afraid.”

Mike’s words moved Avery very much.

“Mike, thank you. No matter what difficulties arise, you will always be by my side. I really appreciate you.”

Elliot came out of the room just in time to hear Avery say this to Mike.

Probably because Elliot is not only unable to help Avery now, but has become a trouble for her, so when he heared such words, he felt particularly heartbroken.

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  1. Ty for the chapters… why do you have to keep the blurred out paragraphs? Please remove them… very annoying for a speed reader

        1. Even if you did paypal, it is still free to read. Even if you dont do paypal, you can still read it for FREE. Be more grateful would lessen your life problem

  2. thanks but we need a bit more chapters. My plan now is to wait a bit more and read the book on Sunday and be then i will have more content because waiting like this is tormenting really. But i wish Avery and Elliot the best really. I hate it when Elliot hear such words out of content. I hope this will not cause problems in their relationship especially in a critical time as this

  3. So I have now read the last few chapters. I have decided to wait to read after 5 days. It’s a bit better that way. Thank you for what you do, but still you have Elliott reading marriage stuff and now this with Mike, after all they have been through please let them learn to talk about stuff like this. I DON’T want Avery to marry someone else and hold up their happiness. Will you please let them fix this and let them all be happy for a change.

  4. If they were all happy and normal boring, none of is would be reading this!!! As much as I hate to admit it I love all of the crazy dramatic, childlike, trists and turns of this crazy novel!!! Thank you to the person or person translating this for us. IT IS APPRECIATED!!! I will take as many chapters as you will put up for is to read!!! Thank you!!!!

  5. Las partes borrosas no están traducidas y no hay concordancia con todos los párrafos, podría mostrar todo el contenido para seguir una trama completa?

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