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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2100 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2100

After the designer takes orders, he immediately takes away the retired dress.

As soon as the designer left, Travis helped Margaret to sit down on the sofa.

“Margaret, you should have told me last time. This way, the designer doesn’t have to rush to work again. Money is a trivial matter, and it is mainly a waste of time.” Travis said with a pleasant expression.

“Travis, I’m sorry! This time it’s my problem. I didn’t think much about it when we were choosing styles last time. Now that the wedding is approaching, I’m a little nervous…” Margaret explained, “I’ve lived most of my life, and I’m used to being free and loose. After marrying you, I will live with a new identity. I’m a little nervous just thinking about it!”

“Margaret, don’t be nervous. I won’t let you down. I’m done playing. I’ve been tired of playing for most of my life. Now I just want to settle down. And you are the most suitable woman for me.” Travis held her hand and comforted, “Although I don’t like black, I’m willing to make changes for you. You are the only woman who can subdue me.”

This was the most beautiful love story Travis could think of.

Margaret had a happy smile on her face.

“Have you been optimistic about the house in the past two days?” Travis asked, “If there is a real estate you like, you can tell me. I will help you to see if there is a better floor.”

“We don’t live in it, so let Emmy choose it herself and the Award bonus hasn’t arrived yet, so even if Emmy like it now, I can’t buy it for her.” Margaret is not very anxious about this matter, “I’ve been exhausted from looking at the house in the past two days. I’ll stay at home next time. Let’s take a good rest and wait for our wedding date.”

“Haha, you should wait for the March Medical Award first!” On the second day of their wedding, Travis fantasized, “I will go to the scene then. Look at you accepting the award. At that time, the entire medical field and even the whole society will be swiped by your name.”

Margaret also fantasized about that day. It was the glory she had dreamed of having in her life.

“Margaret, have you chosen the clothes you will wear to receive the award?” Travis was suddenly curious, “You will be dressed beautifully then.”

“I have already chosen it. It was the last time we went shopping together. The white dress I bought.” Margaret pulled Travis up from the sofa, “I’ll show you. I’ve also chosen the jewelry. I have a set of blue pearl jewelry, and then the white dress will go with blue pearls. It must be very elegant.”

“Margaret, since you like white, why did you choose black for our wedding? If you choose blue, it would be fine.” Travis felt a little queasy, so Margaret also liked white and blue, so he puzzled.

“I prefer black. Black has a sense of mystery, white and blue do not.” Margaret insisted, “Travis, I saw a set of black dresses on the Internet, which are very beautiful. I will find the pictures for you to Look.”

Travis: “Okay.”

Three days later, Avery received all the copies of Margaret’s research on the resurrection technique from Professor Greens.

With so many documents, Avery couldn’t read them all by herself. So she asked a few trusted friends and seniors in the medical field to come and see.

After these people came, they immediately entered Avery’s study room.

After Avery explained Elliot’s situation to everyone, everyone looked embarrassed.

“There is only one way to quickly understand this technology. That is to take out the device in Elliot’s head, and then disassemble the device, so as to study why it can bring people back to life.” The senior 2 put forward their own ideas.

The senior 3: “What if Elliot dies if I take out that device? It’s too risky!”

The senior 2: “Yeah! Why can’t Avery think of this way? She definitely doesn’t want to take this risk!”

The senior 1 took Elliot’s film and stared at it for a while.

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