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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2098 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2098

Ben Schaffer was stunned for a moment and then said, “I’m worried about you?”

“Why are you worried about me?” Elliot asked, “Are you worried that I’ll be hungry and have nothing to eat, or if I’m cold and have no clothes to wear? Or when will I die and won’t see the last one?”

Ben Schaffer was choked by him and didn’t know how to answer.

“Elliot, of course I didn’t mean that… I said I worried about you because I haven’t seen you for a long time, so I want to chat with you more…”

“You are worried that we won’t have a chance to talk again in the future!” Elliot continued to analyze the true meaning of his words.

Ben Schaffer said calmly, “Of course not! I have confidence in Avery. Since you bought a new phone today, I will go back to Aryadelle tomorrow.”

“You already know about Norah, right?” Elliot asked.

“Yes, Norah framed you and Avery in Yonroeville.” Ben Schaffer said seriously, “This Norah is really ruthless. You can’t tell from her appearance that she is such a person. She used to be so flattering. To please you, I thought she was the same as those women who pursued you before, who knew that she would want to destroy her if she didn’t get it.”

“Norah now relies on Travis, and Travis is about to marry Margaret, so we can’t touch Norah for the time being. However, we must not let the Tate Industries fall into the hands of Norah and Travis.” Elliot was brooding about this matter.

The Tate family’s surname is Tate, and it belongs to Avery.

“Elliot, do you mean to abolish the gambling agreement and make Norah out of the game?” Ben Schaffer considered his words and guessed, “If this is the case, we will have to pay her a lot of money. It’s really not worth it. “

“Then do you have a better way?” Elliot asked rhetorically.

“I’ll go back and think about it… If there is really no other way, then according to what you said, abolish the agreement. In fact, even if we kick Norah out, Norah will not be too bad, She is the daughter of Travis and coupled with her outstanding personal ability. Travis will definitely take Norah to work with him.”

Elliot didn’t answer. If it wasn’t for Margaret now controlling his brain, he would definitely not just kick Norah out.

Ben Schaffer knew what he was thinking, so after pondering for a moment, he said, “Wait until Avery has thoroughly researched Margaret’s technical achievements, then Travis and Norah, we will clean up together.”

About half an hour later, Avery came back with a new mobile phone.

Seeing that Ben Schaffer was there, Avery smiled and said, “Brother Ben, you are here! Stay for lunch at noon!”

“Okay!” Ben Schaffer saw the new mobile phone in her hand and stretched out his hand, “This is what you gave to Elliot. Did Elliot buy a new phone? Is it the latest model?”

“Well. I gave him a new phone number, you can save his new phone number.” Avery handed the new phone number to Ben Schaffer.

“Why use a new number? The old number has been used for so many years, so just get a new card.” Ben Schaffer took the phone and dialed his number to save his number later.

“I’m going to use the new phone number.” Elliot took back his new phone from Ben Schaffer.

“It’s good to use a new number, so as to avoid too many harassing calls.” Avery smiled warmly, and then said, “Ben Schaffer, chat with Elliot for a while, I’m busy.”

Ben: “Well, go ahead! No need to take care of us.”

After Avery walked away, Elliot opened the phone address book, and some numbers were already recorded in it. For example, hers, Shea, Layla, Hayden, and Ben Schaffer and Chad.

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