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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2096 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2096

Just when Avery was about to call Margaret, Emilio’s message came: [Calm down, please? If you look for Margaret now, won’t you expose me?]

Emilio told Avery the news as soon as what Travis said to him. If Travis knew about it, he would definitely question Emilio’s loyalty to him.

Because Travis had not told Margaret about this, and Avery was going to Margaret to talk about it, Margaret would definitely ask Travis.

Avery looked at the text message, and her emotions gradually calmed down.

No one could stop Travis’s ambition.

Avery didn’t talk about Emilio and she was afraid Margaret couldn’t change Travis’s decision.

Travis made up his mind that Avery would be controlled by Margaret.

If Margaret wanted to get rid of their control, Avery could only find a solution as soon as possible. If there was no way to find a solution before Travis threatened Avery, she can only be at the mercy of Travis.

After thinking about this, Avery’s heart froze for a while.

If Travis planned to implement this plan after marrying Margaret, then no matter how hard Avery tried, she would not be able to solve Elliot’s problem in such a short time.

Avery breathed heavily, feeling like a huge stone was pressed in her heart. She couldn’t tell Elliot about this.

If She told Elliot, how sad Elliot would be.

What Elliot was most worried about was that Avery was threatened because of his affairs, and Avery comforted Elliot at the time, saying that Margaret would not embarrass them.

Who would have thought that Margaret didn’t embarrass them, but Travis didn’t plan to let them go.

Margaret’s willingness to marry Travis showed that Margaret agreed with Travis, and most of them agreed with Travis’s actions.

Avery had to plan for the worst.


In a hospital of Aryadelle.

After three days of hospitalization, Katalina felt that her body was almost recovered, so she wanted to be discharged.

After she told Aqi last night that she wanted to be discharged from the hospital today, Aqi came early this morning.

Aqi didn’t come alone. He brought a strange man over.

Katalina looked at the strange man beside Aqi with a surprised but polite smile: “Aqi, is this your… brother?”

“No.” Aqi replied, “This is what I gave to you is a bodyguard. He will protect you and make you safe from danger in the future.”

Katalina: “…”

“Hello, Miss Larson, my name is Frank Hicks. You can call me Frank.” Frank Introduced himself to Katalina.

Katalina had a hard time accepting the sudden bodyguard. She pulled Aqi and walked outside the ward to talk alone.

Katalina said, “Aqi, why are you looking for a bodyguard for me? Didn’t I tell you, my parents have gone to my cousin. Now that my family and my cousin’s family have broken up. My cousin should not bother me anymore…”

When Katalina found out about this, she was very shocked. She didn’t expect that her parents would go to Norah for a big fight for her, and because of this, she would tear up her face with her aunt’s family.

Originally, Katalina’s mother, Laurel wanted to come over to take care of Katalina, but Katalina refused her.

Katalina quarreled with her mother before, and now meeting her parents was too embarrassing.

“Don’t use your thinking to speculate on Norah’s thinking. Since I found a bodyguard for you, you can use him as your bodyguard and you don’t need to pay to him.” Aqi was cold-faced and soft-hearted, “And from now, don’t argue with me anymore.”

Katalina said, “How dare I ask you to pay me for a bodyguard? Maybe the money you pay for this bodyguard is higher than my salary.”

Aqi: “That’s for sure.”

Katalina: “Then I might as well stay at home. What kind of work do I need to do?”

“It’s okay. Then go and resign your job.” Aqi followed her words.

Katalina supported her forehead: “I’m young, it’s so boring not to go to work. I still have to go to work…”

Aqi: “Then let Frank protect you when you commute every day.”

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