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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2094 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2094

–Avery, my dad wants us to get married. I guess he wants the Dream maker Group. He thinks that if you marry me, he will get the Dream Maker Group.

–He said that after he married Margaret, he would implement this plan. If you don’t want to marry me, then you should find a way! Because I can’t fight against my dad.

Emilio sent two messages in total.

These two pieces of information were seen by Elliot.

Elliot stared at the phone screen for a while, wanting to see if Emilio would continue to send messages, but after the phone screen went black, it never turned on.

Not long after, Avery came out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

“Buy me a mobile phone.” Elliot leaned against the bedside, holding a book that Avery bought for him, and made this request to her.

“Okay. Should I still use your old mobile phone brand? Is the mobile phone number a replacement for your previous number, or a new one?” Avery walked to the bed and stared at his face.

He offered to use her cell phone, indicating that he wanted to be in contact with someone other than her.

This was a good thing.

Sooner or later, he will open his heart and slowly walk out of the haze.

Avery didn’t ask him to fully recover to the proud man he was back then, as long as he didn’t close himself up, that would be a great thing.

“Use a new number!” Elliot thought for a while and replied.

“Okay, let’s go shopping together tomorrow!” Avery wanted to go out with him to have a look.

The two of them were in the hospital together this afternoon, and Avery felt fulfilled every minute and every second.

She could feel that Elliot was real, flesh and blood, no different from that Elliot back then.

“I don’t want to go out. I’m a little tired today.” Elliot rejected her proposal. “If you want to go out, you can ask the bodyguard to accompany you out.”

“Elliot you must have exceeded the standard. Then go to sleep! I have to go to the study for a while. I can’t sleep so early.” Avery’s mouth was hooked, and she discussed with him softly.

Elliot nodded: “Don’t be too late.”

“I’ll definitely be back to sleep before midnight. You don’t have to worry about me.” Avery whispered and kissed him on the cheek.

For her sudden kiss, his body suddenly felt like an electric shock, sending an electric current.

“Elliot, I’ll be busy next time, and I may not have much time to accompany you. If you want something or want to say something to me, you must take the initiative to tell me. Otherwise, I may not be able to take care of your mood.” Avery pressed his forehead and discuss with him in a low voice.

She could feel his body temperature heating up and getting hot in an instant.

What an interesting response.

How could Elliot be a fake?

“Well, you’re busy with your own business, don’t mind me.” His breathing became hoarse and heavy, probably because he wasn’t used to such an atmosphere. He pushed her body slightly.

Avery was not aggrieved, she looked at him with her eyebrows bent, and said softly, “Then go to sleep! I’ll buy you a mobile phone tomorrow morning. You can see the new phone when you sleep and open your eyes.”

“Well.” Elliot put the book in his hand on the bedside table and put it down, “Take your mobile phone to the study, what if someone calls you?”

“Oh, good.” Avery picked up her mobile phone and turned off the headlights in the room and left the bedroom.

She took her mobile phone and came to the study.

Unexpectedly, Mike stayed inside.

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