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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2092 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2092

CT prompt, there was a metal foreign body in his brain.

There was a flash of disappointment in Avery’s eyes.

Originally, she still had a glimmer of fantasy, hoping that Margaret’s resurrection technique was fake.

But now that the CT results came out, her illusion was also shattered.

“What’s wrong?” Elliot looked at the expression on her face and asked, “Is the situation not very good?”

Avery immediately shook her head: “No. This report only says that there is a foreign body in your head. I’ll take you to another examination first, and when the other examinations are done, your film should be ready to be taken.” After a pause, Avery added, “Elliot, don’t be too pessimistic. When Professor James Hough praised me before, he said that I am more powerful than Margaret. The research Margaret can do, I will definitely be able to solve it quickly.”

Elliot: “I’m afraid you are too tired.”

“I’m not tired, not at all. Without you, l…I feel tired. I am tired from eating, sleeping, and breathing. Now that you are by my side, I am motivated to do anything.” Avery took his arm, grabbed his big palm, and squeezed hard, “You’re warmth, and the smell on your body is still the same as before. You are clearly the same Elliot from before. Norah deliberately said that you looked like a real person to anger us. Don’t take her words to heart.”

“If you don’t mention it, I don’t even remember her saying this.” Elliot followed her forward, “You care more about other people’s opinions.”

“Really? It’s fine if you don’t care.” Avery let out a smile, ” When we go back later, let’s buy a cake and go back. I haven’t eaten cake for a long time, and I suddenly want to eat it.”

Elliot: “Well.”

In the evening, Jones’s family.

Travis was in a good mood today, so in the afternoon, he called his second son Emilio and asked him to come to the old house for dinner in the evening.

Emilio came to the old house at half past five in the afternoon.

After drinking a cup of tea, Travis came back.

“Dad, you called me over for dinner today, do you have anything to explain?” Emilio held his father’s arm and helped him into the room.

“I have nothing to say, so can’t I call you to come and accompany me to dinner?” Travis let go of his hand, “You are my only son now, Emilio, I have high hopes for you, you can’t let me down.”

Dad, since I belong to the Jones family, I must be devoted to the Jones family and to you.” Emilio followed his father and walked to the dining room, “Where’s Aunt Gomez?”

“She’s been watching the house with her daughter these two days. Her house is too old, and she wants to buy a new one for her daughter.” Travis returned, “You don’t seem to have seen her daughter yet?”

Emilio: “No. Aunt Gomez has never brought her daughter to our house.”

“Also I did not see her daughter.” When Travis said this, his thick eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, “Margaret said that her daughter is more introverted and doesn’t like to deal with others very much. Moreover, her daughter is not her own, she adopted her, so it doesn’t matter if we meet or not. “

Emilio: “Aunt Gomez is so kind to this adopted daughter.”

“How do you say Margaret is different from ordinary people. If she really wants to get out of my control, she can completely get rid of me. After all, I’m sure she can win the March Medical Award. Now I want to make friends with her rich people, I’m afraid I can’t count them with ten fingers. But she still willingly stayed by my side and helped me stop the scandal. I really want to thank Margaret.” Travis was moved.

Emilio analyzed, “Maybe Aunt Gomez really likes you. Dad, you are actually a very attractive man.”

Travis laughed and said: “Hehe, you don’t have to flatter me, You’re my son and you are also a smart boy. You certainly won’t be as confused as your big brother…”

“Dad, I didn’t flatter you.” Emilio interrupted his father’s words, “It’s not that you can achieve success just by yourself. Some people say that you got the beauty and medicine after you died of a brother. I think those people are all farting. If you don’t have the ability, how can you make MH Medicine stronger?”

The expression on Travis’s face froze.

“Dad, let me have two drinks with you!” Emilio said, and instructed the servant, “Bring a bottle of champagne.”

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