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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2090 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2090

There was a sober pain in Norah’s arm and she realised that she was not in dream.

She didn’t want to meet them head-on, so she turned sideways immediately, wanting to wait for them to leave before registering.

Unexpectedly, Avery suddenly turned her head and chatted with Elliot, only to catch a glimpse of Norah out of the corner of her eye.

Elliot saw that Avery was looking straight at a certain place, so he followed her gaze.

For Norah, Elliot felt a little strange for a while.

Norah originally thought that the two of them would come towards her, warning and threatening, but she didn’t expect that they just looked at her, except Avery’s fierce eyes, there was no other action.

Norah turned a blind eye to Avery’s eyes. After all, Travis was protecting her now, so she didn’t need to be afraid of them.

So after a brief struggle, Norah strode towards them.

Avery saw Norah’s coming, and immediately held Elliot’s hand tightly.

Norah walked up to them quickly, and stopped before Avery’s bodyguard walked in front of her to block her.

“It’s a coincidence that I met you in the hospital.” Norah’s eyes fell on Elliot’s face, “Elliot, long time no see. I heard that you were resurrected by Margaret, I really envy you for having such good luck. Now, you can still be resurrected. Besides, you look like a real person, and the current medicine is really amazing.”

Avery looked at the wound on Norah’s forehead, listened to her teasing tone, and said coldly, “Norah, I have never forgotten what you have done to me and Elliot. You should have heard the saying that it is not too late for a gentleman to take revenge in ten years.”

“You don’t need to remind me. You remind me, it will only make me feel how incompetent you are now. Showing your weakness to the enemy is not a smart thing.” Norah saw that Avery dared not do anything to herself, she felt relieved.

“What did she do to us?” Elliot didn’t know what Norah did, so he asked Avery.

Without waiting for Avery to answer, Norah spoke first: “You were in Yonroeville, and you were locked in the suburban basement. Avery said I did it. Elliot, do you think I have such great ability? I will kill you all, I can’t get your Sterling Group, I still have to complete the gambling agreement… So what is my motive for killing you?”

“Norah, how dare you argue!” Avery did not expect Norah to be so brazen, “Do you think Elliot is not the old Elliot, so he will listen to your words? You should save your energy! Because he is still the old Elliot!”

“You said he is still the old Elliot. Elliot, why don’t you go back to Aryadelle? What are you two doing in the hospital? Are you checking your body? Or is there something wrong with your body? You look normal! It must be Elliot’s body, right?” Norah said arbitrarily while laughing, “If you want to prove that I did the murder of the two of you in the Yonroeville before, you have to show evidence. There is no evidence, and children understand the truth, don’t you understand it?”

Avery saw Norah wanted to walk away, so she quickly said: “What happened to the injury on your forehead? You fell? Or was someone beaten? Did you bleed a lot? I see if there is any blood on the corner of your mouth.. …Does it hurt?”

“What’s your business?!” Norah said angrily.

“I just remind you that you will suffer more than that.” Avery said coldly, and led Elliot away.

Norah gritted her teeth and watched the backs of the two of them leaving. Her chest heaving quickly.

When the nurse cleaned and bandaged her wound, she took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Travis’s assistant: [I just met Avery and Elliot. Avery told me that she would not let us get the Tate Industries. She said that when she had dealt with Elliot’s matter, she would take revenge on us. You can remind my dad and let him plan ahead.]

After seeing her news, the assistant replied: [What is Avery going to do with Elliot?]

Norah: [She brought Elliot to the hospital. I think she will let Elliot get out of Aunt Gomez’s control as soon as possible.]

Assistant: [I know. what are you thinking?]

Norah: [Isn’t Dad about to marry Aunt Gomez? Since Aunt Gomez can control Elliot now, why not use Aunt Gomez to get what we want directly? Dad wants Tate Industries, so why don’t we just ask Elliot to send Tate Industries over?]

Assistant: [Your Dad’s target is more than a small Tate Industries.]

Norah: [Isn’t the Tate Industries not small? Dad really wants the Tate Industries!]

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