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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2086 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2086

Ali came out and saw that the two people at the door had never seen each other, so he shouted at the door of the courtyard: “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

The leader replied: “Hello, this is Miss Tate’s house? I’m Professor Greens…”

Before the man finished speaking, Avery ran out of the house wearing slippers.

After she came out, she quickly ran to the gate of the courtyard and opened the door.

“Thank you for helping me deliver the things. Come in and drink a glass of water!” Avery wanted to pick up the cardboard box from one of them after putting them in.

“Miss Tate, the cardboard box is a little heavy, let’s help you move it in!” The two of them carried the cardboard box and walked towards the front quickly.

“You don’t need to change your shoes, just go in.” Avery immediately followed their pace.

“Boss, what are they holding?” Ali followed Avery and asked, “Is that what the old man gave you?”

“Well. Professor Greens is a very respectable professor, even if you Can’t remember his name, and then don’t call him ‘that old man’ you can call him just ‘Professor’ casually.” Avery corrected.

“Oh… well!” Ali was stunned.

After the cardboard box was moved to the house, Avery immediately went to pour water for the two people sent by Professor Greens.

“Miss Tate, you don’t need to pour water, we have water in the car.” The two were ready to leave.

Avery immediately put down the water glass and sent them out.

After Avery sent the two out, Elliot came out of the room.

He walked out and his eyes suddenly fell on the two large cardboard boxes in the living room.

Ali saw that Elliot was interested in the cardboard box, so he explained to Elliot: “Professor Greens gave it to the boss Tate. Do you know Professor Greens?”

Elliot shook his head.

“Professor Greens is… I don’t know this old man either… Seeing my boss respects him so much, he must be a very powerful person. Do you know the March Medical Award?” Ali continued to ask.

Elliot knew about the March Medical Prize.

Because Margaret used him to apply for the March Medical Award, and she should be able to win this award in the end.

“This old man is one of the judges of the March Medical Award. I don’t think there are any valuables in these cardboard boxes. Do you want to see what’s inside?” Ali wanted to see it, so he asked Elliot if he wanted to see it.

Seeing that Elliot didn’t refuse, Ali immediately took out the dagger he was carrying, and cut open the two cardboard boxes.

The things in the two cardboard boxes were really not valuables.

Here were two boxes of paper documents.

Ali hated to see this kind of stuff written with dense text.

Outside the villa, Avery sent the two away and was walking towards them.

Ali felt a chill, so he immediately took two pieces of paper out of the carton and stuffed them into Elliot’s hands.

“Mr. Foster, wait and say it’s what you want to see. Otherwise, the boss will scold me.” After Ali finished speaking, he immediately walked behind Elliot to hide.

Elliot lowered his eyes and looked at the two pieces of paper that Ali forcibly stuffed him.

The title column on this piece of paper was written with relatively uncommon medical terms. In layman’s terms, it is the feasibility of artificial brains to prolong life.

An artificial brain…literally understands what it means.

Just like the artificial heart seen in the TV series before, the body’s heart could not continue to work, so it was replaced with an artificial heart.

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