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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2083 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2083

Avery knew that Elliot must be awake.

Layla and Robert were calling Dad so loudly, how could Elliot not hear?

He lay down very early last night, no matter when he fell asleep, he should have slept well after lying down for so long.

He wanted to run away, he didn’t know what to do with their children.

Avery can understand his mood, but just escaping blindly is not the way.

The phone screen in his hand suddenly lit up. She picked up the phone and took a look.

It was Wesley who sent a new message: [Avery, what happened to Elliot?]

Sure enough, nothing escaped Wesley’s eyes.

She just asked them to give Elliot some time and give her some time. Wesley felt that these words could not conceal his sadness, so he suspected that something serious might have happened to Elliot.

Avery sat beside the bed and lowered her head to reply to Wesley.

Now Elliot slowly opened his eyes. He woke up when Layla called out for the first time Dad.

No, it should be said that he woke up the moment Avery got up to take the video call.

There were two forces in his heart pulling and fighting.

No one knew how much Elliot wanted to take her phone and meet the children.

But as long as he thinks that his life is now in the hands of others, and that someone else can kill him with a single thought, he is not as good as death.

Even, Elliot often wondered if he could be called a real person now?

More often, Elliot felt that he was Margaret’s experiment. A test item that can make Margaret become famous.

Instead of the man who used to be scheming and invincible.

It was more pathetic than leaving him ruined and left with nothing.

The condition of being ruined and having nothing was based on what happened when he was still a normal social person. And what was that now?

Let Avery be threatened by Margaret with Elliot, and let Avery suffer all the grievances, what is it?

Elliot opened his eyes every day, trying to find the meaning of his life, but no matter how he looked, he couldn’t find the answer that could support him to live well.

He couldn’t protect anyone now, and he couldn’t give anyone a sense of security and happiness. Therefore, his existence was meaningless.

Avery didn’t know that when Elliot opened his eyes.

She told Wesley about Elliot’s situation, and then told Wesley of her plans.

After Wesley received Avery’s reply, he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Wesley replied: [Do you need me to help you? I’m not sure I can help you, but I don’t want you to suffer this alone.]

Avery said she planned to study all the research Margaret had done.

If Margaret’s technique was really useful to Elliot, then she would learn this technique and won’t needed to ask others in the future.

Avery guessed that Margaret must have a mature team for this project. This mature team may have spent decades for this technical achievement. She must thoroughly study these technologies. Know how long it will take.

Regardless of whether her energy can keep up, can Elliot wait that long?

Looking at Wesley’s news, Avery thought for a moment and replied: [No need. If I need help, I will ask someone to help me. You take good care of Shea and Maria at home.]

After Avery sent this message, the bed suddenly moved.

——Elliot turned over.

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      Thank you for the translation.
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      1. I’m with you. Avery, Elliott and the kids have been apart way too long and end this brain whatever you want to call it thing and just let them be, let them go back to being together raising their children and running both businesses PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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        1. I do not think that Elliot died as he was only in the basement for 3 days which was less then Avery also I believe that this implant is some type of machine that can cause headaches and such I don’t believe that it can do much more then cause pain and thus making him believe that he died and is now being controlled by pain. I feel that his biggest problem is that he is in a dire state of depression due to a false belief that he died and is human causing most of the harm. I’m hoping that seeing the children and their love for him will begin the healing process and h will see that things are not what they seen. I also believe that they have Haze. Just my thoughts.

          1. I agree. I don’t believe he was dead and “resurrected”. It could be that he was in a Coma and heart stopped and had to use something to get him back to life. Medically, once the heart brought back to beat again and continue doing so for some months like in Elliott case, it shouldn’t be controlled by implanting something in his brain, if he needed something to stimulated to be alive, that device should be by his heart!
            The one implanted by his brain is to alert his nerve that there is an extreme pain, whether it is true or not. To make Elliott believe that he’s being saved by Margaret. It’s safe to believe that what Elliot believe is not vital because it’s not vascular, it’s neurological, and since the cause of pain was from the device implanted. Avery must study this neurological manipulation and has a courage to take the device out of Elliott.

        2. I think what happened with the Avery-Dr.Green meeting was that Avery asked him for a copy of Margaret’s research, so she could read and study how it’s done and be good at it as well.

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