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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2082 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2082

“Your father is still sleeping. It’s only 6:00 a.m. here.” Avery whispered back to her daughter, and then greeted the others, “Brother Wesler, Shea, Maria, and Robert… ..I really want to go back to Aryadelle to see you.”

“Avery, are you all okay now?” Wesley asked with concern.

“Well, he’s been back with me all day.” Avery’s eyes were gentle and her voice was soft, “You don’t have to worry about him anymore. Especially Shea…”

“Mom, I’m also very Worry about Daddy!” Layla muttered softly.

“I knew that you’re worried about your dad, but Aunt Shea has lost a lot of weight because of your dad.” Avery explained to her daughter, “Of course, no matter what happens to your dad, I don’t want to affect your study and life because of this.”

“I have no influence. I study hard every day…Mom, go and wake up Dad! We all want to see him. If you don’t want to call him Wake up, then you can let us see him, okay?” Layla discussed with her mother.

Avery naturally didn’t want to wake Elliot up. So she promised to let them see Elliot’s sleeping face.

She took her phone and walked out of the bathroom lightly.

On the big bed, Elliot closed his eyes and slept peacefully.

The curtains in the room were drawn, so the light in the room was very dark.

They looked from the video, but it would be more blurred.

In order for them to see Elliot more clearly, Avery went to the window and opened the curtains.

At this point, the light outside was not dazzling, so Avery simply opened the curtains.

“Mom! Where’s Dad? Didn’t you say let’s see Dad?” Layla didn’t see Dad, so she said anxiously.

Layla’s voice was clear and powerful in the room.

Avery looked at Elliot on the bed in shock.

Elliot was a sensitive and alert man, at least he used to be.

If it was before, he must have been awakened. But now, he still closed his eyes and didn’t seem to be disturbed.

Avery was in a hurry and turned the camera on the bed.

On the video side, they saw Elliot as they wished.

“That’s my dad! That’s really my dad!” Layla recognized Elliot’s appearance at a glance, and exclaimed in surprise.

Layla’s excitement affected Robert. So Robert screamed loudly at the screen: “Dad! Dad! Wake up! Come back! Come back and play with me!”

Avery didn’t expect the two children’s emotions to get out of control. She trotted all the way to the bathroom with her phone and closed the bathroom door.

Avery: “Layla, Robert, your father is sleeping, why did you scream so loudly just now? You will wake him up.”

Robert pursed his lips and mumbled, “My sister called me too.”

Layla: “Dad won’t be mad at me! He must also want to see my brother and me. Mom, he has been back with you all day, why don’t you video call me when he is awake?”

Avery wanted to hide from the child about Elliot’s real situation. She herself can’t accept it, and the child will definitely not accept it.

She wanted to figure out Elliot’s situation first and see if she could change the current situation.

“You dad is injured a little bit and needs some time to recover. Give him some time.” Avery still couldn’t bear to tell them the truth.

“Oh…I knew that if my dad was healthy, he would definitely come home to see me and my brother as soon as possible.” Although Layla was a little sad, she was still very happy overall.” Mom, when Dad wakes up next time, let’s make video call again, okay?”

“Okay.” Avery agreed.

After talking about the video call, Avery came out of the bathroom.

She looked at the bed, Elliot still closed his eyes tightly.

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