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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2080 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2080

About half an hour later, Wesley brought Maria and Robert to the school to pick up Layla.

Layla was worried about the safety of Katalina and Aqi, she had a very sad expression on her face, and there were faint trails of crying on her cheeks.

“Sister!” Robert saw Layla’s figure in the distance, and immediately ran towards her, screaming in surprise.

Maria followed behind Robert’s buttocks, chasing after him.

Layla was a little surprised when Robert and Maria were coming. In order to maintain her image as a sister, she quickly adjusted the emotions on her face.

“Why are you two little guys here?” Layla was hugged by Robert, followed closely, and hugged by Maria.

“Layla, the two of them have to come and pick you up together.” Wesley took Layla’s schoolbag and asked, “What’s going on with Aqi?”

“Uncle Aqi said that my teacher Katalina was kidnapped, so he went to save my teacher.” Layla was unhappy, “I don’t know if he found my teacher.”

“Your teacher was kidnapped? Aqi can choose to call the police.” Wesley said seriously, “He left you alone at school and what if something happened to you? Whose salary did he get?”

Layla didn’t expect Uncle Wesley to blame Uncle Aqi.

Layla said, “Uncle Wesley, I will not be in danger at school. Uncle Aqi should have gone to rescue Teacher Larson. Because Teacher Larson has helped our family before.” Layla murmured, “I suspect Teacher Larson has been kidnapped and Norah Jones did it. Norah, the bad woman, must know that Teacher Larson told us about the bad things she did.”

“Layla, other things are another matter. If your father is here, he will also blame Aqi.” Wesley explained to her, “Aqi is specially protecting you, so he should stay by your side to ensure your safety, and not be easily attracted by other things.”

“I definitely won’t let my father blame Uncle Aqi. Uncle Aqi should go to rescue Teacher Larson. I won’t have an accident at school. Uncle Aqi called me and said he couldn’t pick me up, so I went back to school…As long as I don’t run around outside, I won’t be in danger.” Layla said and frowned, “Now my father hasn’t been found and what if Teacher Larson has an accident again…”

“Your mother has found your father.” Wesley said, “They should be back soon.”

The frustration on Layla’s face was replaced by surprise: “My father found?”

“Yes. He is still alive. For the specific situation, you can ask them later when you can make a video call with them.” Wesley opened the car door and put the three children in the car.

“I knew my father was definitely still alive! My father said that he would always watch over my brother and me. When he separated from my mother before, I wanted to take my brother to live with my mother, and he said he would not let me and my brother leaving him, he said he wanted to raise my brother and me… How could he die when my brother is so young?”

Layla’s eyes were red because of her excitement, and her voice was choked.

“Sister, don’t cry! Let’s make a video call for Dad when we go home!” Robert sat in the child safety seat and looked at her sister in the passenger seat.

“Yeah!” Layla stretched her hands and wiped her tears, “I’ll call Uncle Aqi to see if he finds Teacher Larson.”


When Katalina came out of the fruit shop, someone took a photo shoulder.

When she turned around, she was forcibly taken into a car next to her!

The fruit she bought, her bag, all fell to the ground.

The mobile phone, wallet and other valuables in her bag were stolen by passers-by. When Aqi picked up her bag, she had long been taken away.

After Katalina was taken into the car, she saw the strange man in the car and quickly guessed what happened.

She has only been working in Aryadelle for a month, and she usually contacts not only her colleagues, but also the students in her class. She has never had a conflict with her colleagues, and her colleagues are basically ordinary people, so she would not hire someone to do this kind of thing to her.

Only her cousin Norah held a grudge against her.

“Are you trying to kill me?” After Katalina figured out all this, she calmly said to the gangsters around her, “Norah asked you to come to me, right?”

“Who is Norah, we don’t know! I know you have offended people! Someone wants your life!” the gangster yelled.

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  1. Why has the font been changed? Its painful enough trying to read the nonsense beinf written now we have to deal with a font thats so difficult to read! Starting to think the book is being manipulated by soup opera watching, sci-fi obsessed teenagers!

  2. Wow you are tirex of us reading, this font shows that, and please heal Elliott im tired of him not getting to back to normal and not him being the main character of the story.

    1. This story always bothers me with dates. For example she’s only been in aryndale a month? So she met Layla, tutored her, heard Elliot and Avery get kidnapped, Avery was on the dungeon a week. Elliot was missing a few weeks longer , Avery got stabbed and healed. And all that happened I a month? It’s gotta be wrong. She had to be there at least 2 month AT THE least!

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