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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2077 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2077

Mike cleared his throat, coughed forcibly, and then stood up from the dining chair: “I want to go out now…”

“I remember! You told Avery that you were going to the company today…Which company are you going to? It is impossible for someone like you to work for others. Ben Schaffer also stood up and pushed Mike back into the chair, “You make it clear! If you can’t make it clear, don’t even think about going to the company today.”

Mike: “I’m going! What are you doing? Elliot ignores you, Are you tossing me?”

“You live with Avery, you two are so close, like family members, and now that Elliot is in Avery’s hands. Of course I will pay more attention to your situation.” Ben Schaffer looked down condescendingly, “Hurry up and recruit, don’t force me to do anything.”

Mike looked disdainful: “Why do you want to do anything?”

“I will send a message to Chad now, saying that the Dream Makers Group is yours.” Ben Schaffer threatened…

Mike snorted: “Have you suspected it for a long time?”

Ben Schaffer raised his eyebrows: “You really did it? D*mn it!”

“No. Hayden did it.” Mike immediately dismissed the relationship, “I’m just helping him with chores.”

Ben was stimulated by mikes words.

A start-up company started by a little kid turned out to be such a mature high-tech company.

Ben Schaffer was speechless for a moment.

Elliot didn’t speak either.

When he was the age of Hayden, he had no idea of ​​making money at all.

He remembered that Hayden’s goal has always been to surpass him, and now in his opinion, Hayden has far surpassed him.

There was an indescribable emotion in his heart.

He was proud of Hayden, but also sad for himself.

When he saw Avery and Hayden again, he subconsciously felt joy, but his body seemed to have lost the function of joy.


Tate Industries Bridgedale Branch.

Norah received news from Travis last night that Elliot and Avery were no longer a threat to her, so she could live and work normally, so she came to work in the company today.

Not long after she came to the company, Travis also came.

After Travis came to the company, Norah immediately invited him to sit on the sofa.

“Dad, how did you manage Avery?” Norah slept well last night, feeling that her life was full of light again.

“I didn’t do it, Margaret did it. If Elliot wants to live now, he has to rely on Margaret.” Travis said proudly on his face, “I will marry Margaret soon. Margaret’s bargaining chip is mine and Tate Industries, sooner or later it will be mine.”

Norah: “Dad, I’m really happy for you.”

“Well, your mother said that you’re in a bad mood recently. Seeing that you’ve lost so much weight, your mental ability is too poor. In the future, you will report to my assistant on the affairs of the Tate Industries, and let him guide you.” The smile on Travis’s face became more and more arrogant, “I came here today to inform you about this matter, are you okay?”

Norah was really unhappy, but she didn’t dare to show it: “My life now depends on your protection, how dare I have an opinion.”


At the same time, in the bookstore, Avery met Professor Greens in front of the bookshelf they met last time.

Avery: “Professor, I asked you out today to ask you one thing.”

“I shouldn’t be able to help you, right?” Professor Greens looked kindly, with a hint of regret in his tone, “It’s a foregone conclusion. With my own power, I can’t change any outcome.”

“I didn’t want you to change the outcome.” Avery lowered her voice, “I want something, and only you can help me get it.”

32 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2077 By Naijdate.Com”

  1. This Novel has turned upside down I can’t believe this author I’m really struggling to continue reading it I believe that the author has mood swings. I have never read something so cruel.and evilness in my life I uses to love reading these chapters for hours I would curl up on my couch all day going from chapter after chapter wanting know Elliot nexts I have to wait a million hours just to only read four chapters I asks this is there anyway you can take your medicine before you write something else crazy either this is a love story or it’s a gangster story or is it a horror story or a murder mystery.please you have to choose because you’re confusing the hell out of me I was so deep in to this Novel it had me believing that I was married to Elliot foster 🤔now you took him away from me 😭 I don’t like that lol🥺I just want you to make them either be together or not I’m a happy way not a robot brain I want Elliot to go back to being his original self the hard core who would dare to take crap from anyone not the roles has reversed and Avery is the hard core of the pack now I’m done with this book Goodbye Elliot foster I’m going to really miss you 😭 author please take your medicine please.😂😂😂

    1. You are exactly right. I agree with you about the way this novel is going. Thank you translator for the chapters. Now author please give us some great chapters with Elliott back to his normal self.

    2. As I said before I don’t believe Elliot is a robot and I don’t believe he died I think that Margaret just placed a pain machine in Elliot and that’s what she is controlling I expect they will soon discover this. Elliot didn’t want to go the hospital or see a doctor I’m assuming that she told him that if they found out he’d be classified as non human. I also believe that she has Haze.

      1. Sherry you are spot on with what I was thinking. I just hope this author is reading these comments and will start getting back track to a good love story. I’m also thinking Avery will figure it all out and Margaret will not get the award. Lets find Haze.

    3. 😍😍😍 kain ikain nalang naten havang nagbabasa nalilito narin ako but still I love elliottt si every lang ang nag iisang reyna sa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ niya diva sanol my ellioootttt😂

  2. Take your 15 minutes 4-5 pages a day and shove it. I’m done playing this game as I’m sure you have already lost several because this is bull shit. I just got to the slow down faze and can’t beleive that you can even advertise that you are offering a free book to read as this is not a complete book.

  3. This is getting more and more ridiculous. It would be nice to have more than 5 minutes of reading. The story line is getting worse too. I’m about to go back to my nook and read where I know there are full and completed books. This really is crazy and after all the time invested in this one, I’m out!

  4. who reads a book for 10 minutes then has to wait 24 hours before reading another 10 minutes. The people on facebook is doing a better job at giving move chapter that they have made up.

    1. It’s truly depressing to read on. No more life for Elliot.. I feel so sad and sorry for him. Please bring in some joy to the storyline… We don’t want a horror story!

  5. I so looked forward to reading this . Slowly I got towards being pissed only getting 4-6 chapters now we finally got him back & he’s a robot , nope I’m done you so lost my attention. I will just make up my own ending to everything being fixed & everything being better.

  6. It seems like this Chinese or Asia love story and authors is usually this unrealistic with so much villains moves and twists. Is it that they derive joy in messing up people love life in their novel or what??? This was how they turn Shaun hill who was so powerful in this novel called”let me go Mr hill by shallow south” to someone with no voice. Well, it looks like I am use to their funny love story lines😂😂😂pls guys don’t get too emotional about their plot in this novel is how to make the lengthy they are after and wasting people’s time. Mitchewwwww……

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