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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2076 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2076

“Elliot, are you really not going to work?” Ben asked. He felt that Elliot was no different from normal, except that his mood was relatively low, and there was no other abnormality.

He thought that Elliot could live and work normally, but he would be controlled by others.

“Elliot definitely can’t work now. I’ll talk about it later.” Avery didn’t want to say too much.

Even if Elliot still has the ability to work before, but his current mental state is very problematic, he himself may not be willing to return to work.

“Well… Anyway, Elliot is still alive, it’s a big happy event.” Ben Schaffer said, suddenly wanted to drink, “Is there any wine at home?”

“Who accompanies you to drink this early in the morning?” Mike yelled at him, “I’ll go to the company later and I’ll drink with you later in the evening.”

“Okay! Then I’ll catch you up later. I couldn’t sleep last night, and I didn’t see Elliot. I’m not at ease at all. Now that I see Elliot, I feel a little better.” Ben Schaffer’s heart settled down.

Avery glanced at Elliot.

Elliot kept his eyes down, didn’t look at anyone and didn’t answer everyone’s words.

“Elliot, I’m going out later.” Avery hesitated for a while, then said, “You stay at home to rest today. I’ll try to come back in the afternoon.”

“Well.” Elliot replied.

Ben Schaffer heard his familiar voice, and his eyes filled with excitement: “Elliot, I thought you couldn’t speak. I didn’t expect you to speak. And your voice is exactly the same as before!”

Avery and Elliot remained silent.

Mike gave Ben Schaffer a disdainful look: “You don’t look very smart.”

Ben Schaffer: “Hey, I really I’m a little excited.”

“I’ve made a video call with Chad last night, and he was crying like a fool.” Mike teased, “You guys are really not like big men. Can you be as strong as Avery?”

Ben Schaffer: “Okay.”

After that they took some food.

Avery had no appetite, So she was full after two bites.

Avery: “You guys eat slowly, I’m full.”

“You’re full after eating this little?” Mike saw that the porridge in her bowl was not finished, so he didn’t believe Avery was full, “Where are you going today? Do you want me to accompany you?”

“No.” Avery refused, “I will bring bodyguards.”

“Okay! Don’t worry about Elliot.” Mike urged.

Avery glanced at Elliot and said to Mike and Ben Schaffer: “No matter what Elliot becomes, he is the man I love the most in my life. No matter what he becomes, he is not my burden. It will be your burden, so please pay attention when you speak in front of him in the future.”

Mike and Ben Schaffer were stunned by her words.

After Avery walked away, Ben Schaffer complained to Mike: “What you said just now was really ugly. In my opinion, Elliot is no different from a normal person, but you act like Elliot is seriously ill. You should reflect on it in the future. If you do this again, Avery will not condone you.”

Mike: “I used to scold Elliot, but he wouldn’t worry about it! If I just say a few words now, he can’t stand it, so what should I do? Is he a normal person?”

Ben Schaffer: “Is this Avery’s house? Do you have to listen to Avery’s words? Should you move out? You don’t have the money to buy a house yourself. You should move out and live!”

Mike: “What you said is too much! Avery doesn’t live here often. When Avery is not here, I live here with Hayden and take care of each other!”

Ben Schaffer: “Does Hayden plan to stay in Bridgedale all the time?”

“I don’t know. But Hayden should want to stay in Bridgedale. After all, the company is here…” Mike accidentally missed his mouth.

“What company?” Ben Schaffer’s fingers holding the milk cup trembled, “Hayden’s company?”

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  1. I just hate that it took Elliot to be like this for Avery finally appreciate what Elliot means for her 🙄
    I still remember when she told Tammy she would spent the rest of her life with him, and yesss I am a little resentful lol

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