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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2075 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2075

“Elliot, you will not have the same headaches as before. Margaret promised me that she would not do this again. Besides, I’ll find a way to get you out of her control.” Avery hugged his head, fighting back her grief, “I’ll definitely think of a way. I’m going to grow old with you, so you must live until that time.”

Elliot opened his eyes, but there was no expression in his eyes. His thin lips were pursed, and his teeth were clenched.

He seems to have been robbed of his soul, and he has not yet pulled away from the pain just now.

Avery hugged him tightly, without any intention of letting go.

She was afraid that if she let him go, he would be gone forever.

The next morning, Ben Schaffer came. Seeing Mike in the living room, he immediately asked, “Didn’t you say Elliot is back? Where are the others?”

“I haven’t gotten up yet!” Mike glanced at the time, “It’s already 9 o’clock. I guess the two of them didn’t sleep last night.”

Chad told me that Elliot is now controlled by Margaret, is it true?” Ben Schaffer didn’t sleep much last night, and only fell asleep at dawn. He originally wanted to come over late at night to check on the situation, but he was afraid of disturbing their rest.

Mike: “Margaret had a special device installed in his head. If we take out that device, he will die.”

“Hey! How could this be? I don’t believe it. I don’t accept such a result. Avery was clearly staying in that basement. How could Elliot die if he hasn’t died for many days? All of this must be a lie made up by Margaret!” Ben Schaffer said indignantly.

“Then do you dare to take risks? You dare to take risks, but Avery does not dare. If Elliot is really dead, who is responsible? Margaret has already relied on this technology and is sure to get March Medical Award. What if Margaret doesn’t help resurrect Elliot in the future?” Mike didn’t sleep much last night.

Falling asleep is also a nightmare about Elliot.

So when he woke up from a nightmare in the morning, he simply got up.

Ben: “Then I can’t be threatened by Margaret all the time, right? If it were me, I would definitely want to kill Margaret.”

“You killed Margaret. If there is a problem with the device, who do you call for repairs?” Mike asked back.

“Can you stop saying that…it’s like Elliot is a machine…” Ben Schaffer couldn’t accept Mike’s statement.

“My words are ugly, but it’s the truth. Now, only Margaret has mastered this technology. This is what Margaret said to me last night.” Mike said here, and out of the corner of his eyes, there were two more people not far away.

He looked at them, and it was Avery and Elliot who came out of the room.

“Elliot!” Ben Schaffer saw Elliot and strode over, “Elliot, are you… Are you okay? Don’t worry, we will call the best doctor in the world, and they will definitely let you get rid of Margaret’s control.”

“Ben, don’t mention this in front of him.” Avery’s eyebrows sank, “I’ll find a way.”

Ben: “Well, I’m just too worried.”

“I know. Since it has already happened, it is useless to worry.” Avery’s determined attitude made Ben Schaffer heave a sigh of relief.

They walked towards the dining room, ready to eat breakfast.

“Avery, what’s your plan next? Do you go back to Aryadelle or stay here?” Ben Schaffer asked.

“Don’t go back to Aryadelle first.” Avery’s mind was actually in a mess, but she definitely couldn’t go back to Aryadelle now.

If there is no way to remove the device in Elliot’s mind, then she must study the technology thoroughly. If there is any problem with Elliot in the future, she does not need to ask others.

Besides, she wanted to see if there was any other way to keep Elliot’s life going.

“Ben, don’t worry, Avery is here. You can start preparations for your marriage to Gwen. Also, Elliot can’t go back to work, so the company will have to worry about you in the future.” Mike reminded.

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