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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2074 By Naijdate.Com

Chapter 2074

Avery left the room and pushed open Mike’s door.

Mike was still talking with Chad. Seeing Avery’s face full of tears, he immediately hung up the video call.

“What’s wrong?” Mike jumped out of bed.

“Margaret can really control Elliot. She asked us to remove Travis’s scandalous video.”

“Is Elliot under control now?” Mike said solemnly, and strode out of the room. He wanted to see what Elliot was doing now.

“Don’t go.” Avery held him back, “Elliot definitely doesn’t want others to see what he looks like now. Mike, take the video down immediately.”

“Okay, I’ll take it down right away. Don’t worry…” Mike’s voice was settled, Avery immediately dialed Margaret to let Margaret stop torturing Elliot.

Margaret laughed arrogantly: “Avery, you should believe it now, I’m not lying to you, right?”

“Margaret, I have no grievances with you. You have already won the March Medical Prize, your dream has been realized, why do you want to treat us like this?” Avery was afraid that such a thing would happen in the future.

“Avery, I really flatter you. I asked you to take down the video. How many times have I told you? I told you at least twice. If you take the initiative to take down the video, can I treat you like this?” Margaret Cold snort.

After listening to Margaret’s words, Avery breathed a sigh of relief: “Can we avoid the river water in the future?”

Margaret: “I said, don’t mess with me, how can I trouble you for no reason? Avery, I…I’m only interested in my award, the rest, I don’t care.”

Avery: “Margaret, I hope you can do what you say.”

“You are a junior, don’t talk to me with this attitude in the future. It’s very late now, I have to rest.” Margaret finished and hung up the phone.

Soon after Margaret hung up, Travis called.

“Margaret, they removed the video. You are still the best.” Travis calmed down a lot. As long as he spent a little more money to bribe the major media and kept everyone from publishing relevant news, this matter should be suppressed.

“Travis, I said I would help you. How can I break my promise?” Margaret said, “You should believe that I am with you now, right?”

Travis: “I’ll pick you up.”

“Travis, I’m going to take Emmy to see the house tomorrow. She has served me for so many years, and I’m going to buy her a house with the prize money of the March Medical Award. If you are worried about me, you can send a bodyguard over tomorrow.” Margaret said calmly.

“What kind of house do you want to buy for her? I’ll buy it for her.” Travis said generously, “After you marry me, she will be my daughter. I will definitely take care of her in the future.”

Margaret: “This child is introverted. She’s stubborn and has strong self-esteem. I won’t bother you anymore. I told Emmy tonight that after I marry you, she will live her own life.”

Travis: “That’s okay. Is it Avery and Elliot? I have to listen to you in the future?”

Margaret: “That’s right. But I didn’t take the initiative to find fault with them. As long as they don’t mess with me, I might as well do research with peace of mind.”

Travis: “That’s right. With you, I don’t need to worry about being targeted by them.”

Margaret: “They definitely won’t dare to mess around again. Don’t worry!”

Avery returned to the master bedroom after speaking on the phone, and saw, Elliot had recovered from pain.

She walked quickly to the bed, wiped tears in Elliot’s eyes, and got into bed.

3 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2074 By Naijdate.Com”

    1. They don’t only control Elliot, they control Avery and all involved with Elliot as well. Actually, they control Avery even more. Elliot endures pain and she will do anything they tell her to do. Next they want to know about The Dream Car. Who is the owner. They want Avery’s shares or even the company. Then they want to meet Hayden. Then Elliot must marry Norah and she must get the Tate company. I think at this stage they control Avery more than Elliot.

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