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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2073 by

Chapter 2073

“What are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?” Chad suspected that he had auditory hallucinations, so he reached out his hand and slapped himself in the face.

Mike: “???”

“Why isn’t my boss the former Elliot? Mike, if you don’t make it clear to me, I’ll really buy a plane ticket to go to Bridgedale right away.” Chad’s cheeks hurt, and he was sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Mike: “Margaret said he died before. Now he was resurrected by Margaret.”

“Pfft!!” Chad was shocked and dumbfounded.

Mike said lazily, “Your boss is like a robot now, and the remote control is in Margaret’s hands. Isn’t it scary? So your boss is a bit autistic now. If I were him, I guess I wouldn’t be much better. “

It’s so scary?” Chad was saddened to death, “What should I do? It won’t work like this. My boss hates being threatened the most. Is there any way for Avery to help him?”

“Avery has never heard of Margaret’s resurrection technique. She said that there is never any way to bring people back to life… So, she should not be able to help your boss.” Mike told him to give up his fantasies. “Look for the best. At least your boss is still alive. It’s better than dead. If he died, he would have nothing.

“I won’t feel happy anymore.” Chad said and put down the phone.

Chad took off his glasses and reached out to wipe his tears.

“Chad, you can’t be!” Mike put away his joking attitude, “He is alive now, although I don’t know how medically determines his condition, but with the naked eye, he is not mentally normal. He doesn’t look any different from before.”

“A man is alive, if he is not breathing, he is alive. Besides, as you said, it is not clear how the medical science determines his condition, in case the medical science does not recognize him as alive. What should I do?” Chad said more and more sadly.

Mike: “Don’t cry. I told you to reassure you, not to make you cry. I think Avery is much stronger than you. Avery doesn’t cry like you do.”

In the bathroom of Master bedroom, the sound of water clattered.

Warm water fell down Avery’s head, flushing the tears from her eyes.

Elliot was lying on her bed, but Avery was getting more and more sad.

The current Elliot was incomplete, even if he looked like a normal person, he was not the Elliot he used to be after all.

Avery wanted to turn him into the former Elliot, but after thinking about it, she didn’t have that ability.

She couldn’t do it at all. She couldn’t do it even if she looked at Elliot in such a state of depression.

Time passed by, and after half an hour in the bathroom, she was afraid that Elliot would be suspicious of waiting too long, so she quickly dried her body, put on her pajamas, and walked out.

She saw that the sheets on the bed were crumpled into a ball, Elliot held his head in his hands, choked painfully in his throat, and his whole body was curled up…

“Elliot! What’s the matter with you?” Avery quickly ran to the bedside, took his arm, and cried outanxiously, “Do you have a headache? Why is this? Do you have a headache every day?”

Shortness of breath, chest heaving rapidly.

Elliot was in so much pain! Couldn’t answer her question at all.

“Elliot, don’t be afraid. I’ll contact Margaret right away. She must know what’s going on.” Avery released his arm, found the phone, and turned it on.

Margaret sent her a message 5 minutes ago –

Margaret: [Avery, I asked you to take down the video, don’t you take what I said to heart? That will only make your man suffer a bit.]

Avery looked at Elliot with tears in her eyes. Before that, she really didn’t take Margaret’s words to heart. Because she didn’t expect that Margaret could really control Elliot!

52 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2073 by”

    1. This is NOT the Avery/Elliot reunion the romance fans wanted. It’s psycho babble at best.
      I’m done with this so called “novel”…

    1. Exactly. I can’t even read this anymore. It’s all over the place, too. So many characters, so many plots, and list romance.

    2. This book is NO LONGER WORTH READING. Looks like you are loosing several readers. It’s a shame because when I started this book I couldn’t put it down, but now all this BS. Is just ridiculous, and you have gone way out of script. This is truly NOT a romance novel but a science fiction horror story. I think you need to figure out exactly what kind of novel you want ti write, until then, I’m done with this book. I will go to Barnes & Noble and buy a real book so I can read as many chapters as I want when I want. I will know for sure if I buy a romance novel it will be just that a romance novel.

  1. Idk what to think of this book anymore… I appreciate the hard work put in to translating for us but I am just about done… this makes absolutely zero sense and is definitely not realistic to me anymore. I’ve invested too much time for this book to go downhill like this. Elliot will obviously never be the same so what is the point in continuing to read? Heartbroken 💔

    1. I think that Margaret is lying through her teeth to control Elliot and Avery. I don’t think he ever died and I think she implanted a pain type machine which seems more realistic and I think that is why he doesn’t want to go to the hospital because she may have told him that he would be classified as none human and she may have used this to convince him that he died. It may also have something to do with Haze and she had him plying along with it to get Haze back. Either of the two story lines seem more possible to me then him being brought back to life. What does everyone else think???? A huge thanks to our translator for all your hard work and dedication to this book.

      1. I also think that Margaret is lying about her bringing Elliot back to life, her whole motive seems to be able to control Elliot so she can deal with Avery. The reason? We dont know exactly yet…

  2. The author has ran out of ideas now. This is no.longer a romantic novel, but science fiction from the movies and it’s too boring

  3. The book is now rubbish actually has been for a while. Also this person is not translating this, just taking from elsewhere like the Chinese fan page that updates before this. Several times it should have come to a beautiful end. Why can’t Elliott be saved and the crap sorted out. These are not chapters just verses. It all comes down to the ads, as it stands the readers are dwindling so their earning will dry up. Haven’t read such waffle and rubbish in a long time. It reads between a script and a novel. Who cares about drinking milk or water or changing clothes. The idea is to just keep people coming back in the chance they click on an ad and they (the so called translator) get paid per click. This guy is not translating anything, why has he gone down to 4 chapters just as the fan page goes to 4 chapters. I get the fan page updates hours before this site.
    I am assuming that this is a comment is is not going to see my email full of hate mail or junk from the translator.

  4. Is that a joke? is the writer a gamer? The writer seems a youngster who is introducing a computer game.
    Appalling and disappointing

    1. Hopefully the story line changes to be that Elliot is going along with her to get Haze or hopefully she just implanted a pain machine in him to use against him and because of the things she has done such as giving him a headache he believes her.

    1. Am done reading, I guess. Please do not drag it. It makes us really bored. Atleast post a few more chapters. We started reading other novels now. Sorry to say this.

  5. I agree with the sentiments of fellow readers. If readership dwindles i expect that the writing may also stop. This would not be the first book on line that has done that. Wondering if this author is new and decided to write a saga using all the literary devices and genres in one. Like I said, more is not better. Its confusing, disjointed and predictable and insults the readers intelligence with all these ridiculous story lines. I have felt for at least 600 to 1000 chapters that this author has no idea how to resolve issues so he creates more in hopes that we will forget about earlier characters.

    1. MEJ,
      I totally agree with everything You said! 👌👏 This,or these authors have run out of ideas and now it’s just become a sci-fi soap opera. Very disappointing.

    2. Thank you very well put I do hope the writers read the comments.Im sure this will be there last novel.readers will remember the authors name and skip to the next one.

  6. Two pages of trash talking about who the hell Care’s about Margaret’s daughter. Now more characters🤔 Isn’t supposed to be a Novel for Christ sake. Not a stupid science fiction I hate this book. I wrote my conclusion.

  7. Its typical chinese novel.. I never read any of them beyond hundreds chapters.. they usually go round in a circle after few hundreds chapters. A romance novel often morph into medical fiction with ridiculous story line.. even one of the romantic novel I read eventually have the Male Lead fighting monster in a neverland ! This is frustrating for those who think that they are reading a romance novel but change into several different fictions over the time. They can keep adding new family members, change parents, reveal the biological parents, secret child, long lost sweet heart appearing, hidden inheritance, dead person is not dead, change face, amnesia, strange illness etc etc just to stretch the novel into thousands chapters.. it wont stop until the readers get tired and losing interest. As long as they earn clicks they will continue to stretch the story no matter how ridiculous it turn

  8. Now once again, we have someone else controlling Elliott and Avery’s relationship, and Margaret being able to control his brain. How is Margaret not in jail for kidnapping and experimenting on Elliott’s body and how is the March Medical people even accepting her submission when everything is bogus and why isn’t the other professor reporting everything? Hell why isn’t Avery reporting everything, she’s a doctor.

  9. If Avery could cure Eric, Shea and Adrian she can do the same for Elliott. The authors should change their names to Simply Stupid.

  10. This was one of the most disappointing updates so far – and the past month has been full of disappointment. I don’t know if they’ve changed authors or what has gone wrong, but this is no longer a cohesive story. I give up – I’ll make up my own ending.

  11. I am so glad I stopped reading this book around 1800 just read the comments now to see if the book has turned around. The author must think his readers are idiots. I mean a new character kidnaps an already kidnapped character from the middle of nowhere- for an experiment. How did margaret know where elliot was? so many stupid jumps, dumb storylines. This was my first online book. I will never read another book from this “author”. I can see from the comments I made the right decision to stop reading and cut my losses.

  12. wow totally upset. got intrigued in this book and now it’s become stupid. so Avery can now make Elliot into the man she didn’t think he… Just totally upsetting wait all night for 4 pages and find out this stupidity. Might just be done sad. I’ll write my own ending…lol

  13. I agree with other readers.. The writer is just twisting the story line unnecessarily..its getting tiring..i give up if you don’t put things in order…

  14. The author immature person, who doesn’t know the knowledge of writing a book. He’s not a writer, why did he even started to write a book. He just wasted all our time n efforts all this while. Stop writing this book further now, or keep it to yourself only, don’t publish it or else will get only 🤬

  15. This story line is getting More stupid than I thought I’m done with this book the store line is ridiculous It’s a shame it was a good read in the beginning it’s just gone downhill

  16. Ok guys here’s where it’s heading Avery is a nuero surgeon and she can save Elliot. Or she is going to get control of Elliot. You guys give up to easily it is a book after all

    1. Samantattoo
      I agree with you. I think Avery will take him to the hispital do the scans and do surgery to rewire his brain. Then kill Margaret. They still haven’t found Hazel not sure why they brought in Margaret’s daughter. Seem like they eat. Drink, and sleep. Seems Elliott can breath and talk but is depressed not sure why she is controlling him if he is breathing on his own how can the device control his breathing? Just an odd story line. Hopefully they don’t drag it on for another 3000 chapters. Only 4 a day would take a year or so to finish.

  17. Well I believe Margaret daughter is The professors daughter, that’s why she hates him so much!
    I really hate how this flipped into sci fi with Elliott being controlled by a device in his brain 🤦🏽‍♀️
    Maybe Hayden can solve the issue and make his Dad complete again.
    What ever happened to Hazel , they completely switch the storyline continuously .
    I, guessing Jones also has something like this done and that’s why he needs Margaret!
    Next it will be Margaret’s daughter wanting Elliott , so here we go with another plot……
    I really wish they would let Elliott and Avery finally have a true love story reunion, and not one that only lets them live in love and peace in the afterworld ……
    I wish they would go back to translating more than 4 chapters a day.
    Ugh…….. left so frustrated every time I read ……..🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. I’m done too. I’ve been following from the beginning but I thought I was reading a romance novel. I hate Sci fi and never read it. To see this happen is shocking and makes me think it’s being written by a gamer or someone young that doesn’t understand much of life. I don’t even think the original writer is writing this now. Regardless, I will never read another book by this author ever. What a waste of time.

  19. Well I stayed reading until now, I am now done! This went from a great read, to an ok read, to an absolute disgrace to story telling! I kept giving the author credit where credit is not deserved!

  20. I don’t know what’s going on with this book? If I do the math Avery is stronger physically than Elliot, Avery survived6 days without food and water, how many days after they picked up Elliot? How couldn’t he survived a few days before Avery? Probably he passed out but not dead. They killed him for experiment. They really messed up his brain, first he was in a coma, second they messed up his memory, now they messing up with his brain nerves. It’s a good thing Avery is a brain doctor if she really is, she’ll bring him back to normal. Elliot didn’t, they’re messing up with him by telling him that he died. They are keeping us on our toes😂😂😂😂😂

  21. I agree! This was a good love story….seems like is a different writer. I hate all these science fiction BS!! I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time on this. Now Margaret controls the main character like a remote control car??? Depressing!

  22. I agree with other readers, I am done with this novel! Ridiculous! I thought this was a romance book!
    I will only read comments.
    Never will I read from this author again!

  23. I’m still waiting on more chapters! I quit reading my last book because if this. I guess I will have to quit this one too! So sad!

    1. The starting of this novel was so good that I kept reading for day and night until I came to the latest chapter.

      Now it’s completely a cock-and-bull story.I regret reading it at the first place.
      I have doubt that writer is not the same or she doesn’t know where the story will end. Just dragging it!!!!

  24. I waited to read chapters hoping when I read again Elliot would be back, unfortunately this story line is sad and ridiculous. They didn’t even bring him back in a bang or some chaotic experience. It was very boring. The whole back from the dead is just too much for me to continue on with this book. These new characters they keep introducing is unnecessary when they should have already given them a happy ending and ended the book.

  25. To the author,
    Will there ever be a closure ? Seriously… seems like you wanna just drag it by introducing new problems and more characters. Enough with the plot twists… just give us an ending.
    -Truly frustrated reader.

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