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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2071 by

Chapter 2071

“Mom, why do you have to buy a house? Is it not good to live in this old house? I want to live here.” Emmy Confused.

Margaret laughed: “I want you to live in a better house. It’s very late today, you go to bed!”

Emmy: “Mom, do you want to go back to Jones’s house? If you go back to Jones’s house, then I’ll take you there.”

Margaret shook her head, “It’s too late, I don’t want to move. I’ll just call Travis and say it later.”

On the way back, Avery and Elliot sat in the back seat of the car, Mike drove, and Ali sat in the passenger seat.

“I didn’t expect Margaret to be married for the second time.” Ali said, breaking the dull atmosphere in the carriage.

“Margaret is in her sixties. Who knows whether it will be a second or third marriage… Fourth marriage is also possible.” Mike answered.

Avery replied, “Margaret should be the first marriage. I heard that she never got married because of my mentor. And her daughter is so old, if she was married, no one would say she was never married. Her daughter doesn’t look like Margaret. It should be Margaret’s adopted child.”

“It makes sense for you to say so. That girl and Margaret have nothing in common.” Mike said, looking from the rearview mirror and glanced at Elliot, “Elliot, what are you thinking about now? I’m very curious… You have been resurrected for so long, why didn’t you contact us? If we don’t find you, you will to live forever in that blue house?”

Avery has been holding Elliot’s hand tightly. After Mike’s voice settled, she felt his hand move slightly.

“Mike, go to the hospital.” Avery was worried about Elliot’s physical condition.

She must go to the hospital now and give him a brain examination to see if it is really what Margaret said.

“Oh, yes!” Mike responded immediately.

Elliot quickly took his hand out of Avery’s hand. The expression on his face became tense and apprehensive.

Avery watched the expression change on his face.

“Elliot, don’t be afraid. No matter what your current situation is, I will accompany you.” Avery reassured her softly.

“Don’t go to the hospital.” Elliot frowned, tears welling up in his eyelashes, and said with difficulty, “I won’t go.”

“Then I won’t go.” Avery tried to understand the fear in his heart, and said distressedly, “Elliot, we have to go home first. When you are willing to go to the hospital in the future, we will go to the hospital.”

Twenty minutes later, the car arrived home.

Avery took Elliot out of the car.

In the living room, Hayden came out. When he saw Elliot, a subtle feeling made him feel uncomfortable.

The once mighty, proud and conceited man seems to have left. Now Elliot has become a completely different person.

When Hayden looked at Elliot, Elliot also saw Hayden.

The eyes of the father and son met in the cold night, there was no edge and no fire.

Avery was worried that Hayden would make Elliot look bad or say something ugly, so she let go of Elliot’s hand and strode towards Hayden.

She pulled Hayden to the side and whispered, “Hayden, your father’s condition is very bad. He doesn’t even want to come back with me. I forced him to come back. Please, don’t speak harshly to him.”

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  1. This author has gone to damn far with the nonsense, resurrected from the dead, being controlled by his brain from Margaret, this is just stupid! When did this book turn into sci-fi? First we bought the b.s. about Elliott having the surgery to forget Elliott, then the nonsense about Rebecca getting her baby, enough is enough, make it make sense!

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