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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2070 by

Chapter 2070

When they came out, everyone was stunned.

Later, seeing the two of them holding hands tightly, everyone immediately understood Elliot’s choice.

He did not lose his memory, so he decided to go with Avery.

“Avery, I have no problem with you taking him away. After all, he has his own consciousness, but I hope you can be clear that he is not the Elliot he used to be. His life is in my hands. I let him live, he Just live. I let him die, and I can let him die at any time. So, be polite to me in the future.”

Margaret had a tough attitude and reminded Avery.

Avery: “Really? His life is in your hands?”

She was in the room just now and didn’t hear what Margaret said to Mike.

Mike explained: “Margaret said that she had installed a device in Elliot’s brain that could stimulate brain cells. I don’t understand it anyway, but what she said was amazing… She said she could remotely control the device in Elliot’s brain. It is equivalent to putting a time bomb in Elliot’s mind, and the remote control is in her hands.”

Margaret: “Avery, your little valet is right. That’s what he meant, it was from his mouth. It’s ugly to say. I resurrected Elliot to win awards. As long as you don’t provoke me again in the future, I won’t kill Elliot.”

Avery couldn’t accept such a resurrection method, much less she would like Elliot to die.

“Margaret, if you told me about his situation from the beginning, I would not ‘provocate’ you again and again! Regarding the situation you said, wait until I take him back and check for him before making a judgment.” Avery finished speaking and left with Elliot.

Her bodyguards also quickly evacuated.

The room quickly quieted down.

Margaret’s daughter, Emmy Gomez looked at her mother unwillingly: “Mom, why did you let Elliot go so easily?”

“It’s useless for me to keep him. I’m already sure that I can win the March Medical Prize.” Margaret said while leaning lazily on the sofa, “Emmy, you have worked hard for me this time.”

“Mom, as long as you ask me to do, I am willing to do it, why bother?” Emmy told Margaret Pour a glass of water.

Margaret took the water glass, took a sip of water, and said with satisfaction: “Emmy, If I get the March Medical Award, the Award money will be given to you. You can use it to buy a house or a car.”

Emmy: “Mom, why are you giving me so much money?”

“It’s not a lot of money. I guess you’ll lose it if you buy a better house.” Margaret put down the water glass, “You need to work hard on your own for the rest of your life. When I win the award, I will retire. I can’t help you in the future.”

Emmy: “Mom, don’t worry about me, I will find a job and support myself.”

Margaret: “You can also find a man.”

Emmy shook her head: “Men are unreliable.”

Margaret laughed, “Hahaha! Are you influenced by me? There is still love in this world. Look at Avery and Elliot.”

Emmy muttered, “Then It was Avery who was lucky and met Elliot. Whoever meets a man like Elliot is lucky.”

Margaret saw her daughter’s thoughts, “You don’t like Elliot, do you? You haven’t seen him before.”

Emmy: “I searched for his videos on the Internet. He used to be more attractive.”

“He is indeed very attractive to most women. After all, he has status and blessings. It is estimated that in your opinion, his whole person exudes golden light. But how can he be so easy to control? Emmy, give up your fantasy, if you are looking for a partner, I hope you find an ordinary man. As long as you are nice to you, that’s fine.”

Emmy nodded: “Mom, I know I am not worthy of Elliot. I will listen to you.”

Margaret: “I’ll accompany you to see the house tomorrow.”

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  1. Come on now, this is some straight up b.s.!!! Now Margaret can control Elliotts brain with her remote control! Stop it. This author is doing too much, this book turned from romance, drama, love story, now to SCI-FI, this is ridiculous, enough is enough! I know I can’t be the only one who’s tired of this author and book, because this is a hot 🔥 ass mess now! Thanks to the translator.

    1. Here we go again another woman that can’t live without Elliott and must have him .writers can’t you come up with something else this story line is old. And this Sci fi crap is stupid get back to the romance story we fell in love with with, it’s a love story of Elliott and Avery.

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