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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2067 by

Chapter 2067

Margaret pursed her red lips and strode towards the entrance door.

The others followed and entered the blue building together.

When entering the elevator, Avery’s heart was beating violently.

All the excitement turned into nervousness, anxiety and fear.

Avery clearly wanted to see Elliot so much, but now she was afraid to see him.

Afraid that Elliot is different from what she imagined, and that the situation after the meeting is beyond her control.

For example, if Elliot insisted on being with Margaret and refused to go with her, what should she do?

With a ‘ding’ sound, the elevator stopped at the designated floor.

The elevator door opened slowly, and Margaret took the lead and walked out.

This should be a residential building.

After getting out of the elevator, they came to a door.

Margaret pressed the doorbell, and soon, someone came to open the door.

It was a young girl who came to open the door. When she saw Margaret, she also saw Avery and her party.

“Mom, you…Are you okay?” The girl called Margaret ‘Mom’.

Avery immediately guessed that this might be Margaret’s home?

“I’m fine. They’re here to find Elliot. Is Elliot asleep?” Margaret pushed open the door and entered the room.

Avery followed with big strides into the room.

“He just fell asleep.” The girl supported Margaret and asked in a low voice, “Mom, are they here to take Elliot away? They look so fierce.”

“Don’t be afraid. They dare not do anything to us.” Margaret comforted, turned around and looked at Avery, “Elliot is asleep, why don’t you come back tomorrow morning?”

“Which room does he live in? I want to see him.” Avery couldn’t just leave like this.

She managed to find it here. What if Margaret secretly hides Elliot when she leaves tonight?

Margaret stretched out her hand and pointed to a room: “Go and see!”

Avery almost rushed over without thinking.

Mike and Ali took Avery by one arm and stopped her.

“Let Ali go first.” Mike said.

Avery exhaled and watched Mike walk towards the room.

“What are you afraid of?” Margaret’s daughter quickly walked to the door of the room and pushed it open, “There is no one else in it except him.”

The light from the living room entered the guest room.

Avery saw a person lying on the big bed in the guest room.

Even if the person was lying down, she could recognize it at a glance, it was Elliot.

Avery’s defenses collapsed. With tears in her eyes, she pushed Ali away and rushed into the room.

Avery’s footsteps were too fast, which woke the person on the bed.

Elliot opened his eyes and looked at Avery –

Ali saw that Elliot opened his eyes, so he quickly turned on the light in the room.

5 thoughts on “When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2067 by”

  1. I like this white background better!!

    Elliot finally!

    Margaret is a crazy person!! She has a daughter, and is with Elliot. What’s her plan, marry both of them????

    1. Hope,
      Or is it going to be exactly like Kyrie and Rebecca all over again? How many times is Elliott going to be kidnapped and someone messing with his brain again, this is ridiculous, resurrections now! Not even in a sci-fi book would we be reading this nonsense! This is NOT the same book as before, this author is doing too much!!! Let’s get back to the narrative and end this book once and for all.

      1. Exactly Erica, why can’t Mike be kidnapped and used for all the scientific experiments!! Always Elliot.

        That daughter can’t be Haze, she sounds older. Haze is roughly 2/3 years

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