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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2064 by

Chapter 2064

Margaret cursed Avery a thousand times ten thousand times in her heart. If it wasn’t for Avery’s words just now, Travis would never doubt her suddenly.

If Margaret knew earlier, she wouldn’t hide in Travis’s house.

Bridgedale is so big and Margaret can hide anywhere. She can stay safe until the day of the March Medical Award!

Thinking of this, Margaret was so angry that her temples hurt.

Margaret: “Travis, you don’t believe me, I’m very sad.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you. Margaret, you can’t be too greedy. Over the years, I have unconditionally supported your cause. Although it is also for my own selfishness, but you can’t cross the river and demolish the bridge! You’re about to realize your dream, if you really won the prize and kicked me out, wouldn’t I make a wedding dress for others?”

Travis would like to thank Avery for reminding himself.

He has always believed in Margaret in particular.

The medicine he took every day was provided by Margaret, so he subconsciously did not allow himself to doubt Margaret.

If Margaret really wanted to poison Travis, he would have died long ago.

However, he also knew that Margaret’s kindness and gentleness to him before were all because he could still provide her with research funds.

Margaret is about to receive an award soon, and she may not continue to do research in the future. Furthermore, after she got the award, she really wanted to invest, and there must be a lot of rich people willing to invest in her.

“If that’s the case, then do as you said.” Margaret agreed immediately, and then changed the subject, “Do you want to go to the hospital for a checkup?”

“No need. You agreed to my request, and I feel much better.” Travis held Margaret’s hand with both hands, as if he was afraid that she would be unhappy, so he explained, “Margaret, in the video that was exposed tonight, that bodyguard The words…not exactly true. The reason I’m getting rid of those women and kids is because I’ve been deceived. They’ve been cheating money and care from me since pregnancy, and I was really stupid and I foolishly believed their words, thinking that the child they were carrying was mine. I only found out how cunning and shameless these women were after I divorced a certain ex-wife!”

Travis scolded those d*mn women.

Margaret was not interested in these at all, but nodded in understanding.

“Travis, it’s already very late, you should rest early. I still have something to talk to my assistant. I’ll come to sleep with you when I’m done.” Margaret took Travis to his master bed room.

As soon as Margaret came out of the room, Travis immediately picked up his mobile phone, called the bodyguard at home, and instructed the bodyguard that Margaret would not be allowed to step out of Jones’s house without his permission in the future!

Before getting married, Travis couldn’t let Margaret run away.

Margaret walked into the yard with her mobile phone and dialed the assistant. In fact, she had nothing to tell the assistant, she just wanted to come out and get some air.

But not long after she came out, several bodyguards suddenly appeared at the gate of the courtyard. Their eyes stared boldly and directly in her direction, obviously to guard her.

Travis is trying to put her under house arrest?

Margaret hung up the phone angrily.

Her life has been affected because of Avery!

Although winning the award is no problem, but her mood has been destroyed.

Avery couldn’t deal with her, so she dealt with Travis. Avery guessed that Travis was having a hard time and wouldn’t make her feel better, right?

About 40 minutes later, a dozen black sedans stopped in front of Jones’s house.

When the Jones family bodyguard saw this battle, he immediately reported to Travis.

Travis was helped off the bed, walked out tremblingly, and looked at the gate of the courtyard –

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  1. Hoping for more chapters today. More chapters please. Worried that Elliot won’t be the same in looks and in mind. Although I truly believe that Margaret has created a scam using Elliot to get the March Medal Award and is using Haze against him. I believe she got Haze through the women Norah helped to escape. I don’t believe Elliot ever died and that he has to go along with everything she says to protect Haze. I think this would also be a great story line that everyone would be happy with. Well we can hope this is part of the outcome because if Elliot did die and was resurrected it’s just to fake and unrealistic and I wouldn’t be interested in such a story line as I have read most others wouldn’t be either. Anyone else have any ideas of how they think the story line is going to end up?? Thank you translator. Now the waiting game again for more chapters.

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