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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2062 by

Chapter 2062

After Professor Greens explained the reason, Avery was not surprised.

Avery: “You haven’t met Elliot?”

Professor Greens: “No. Margaret made a private agreement with the leader of our organizing committee. Margaret’s award should be a sure thing.”

“How can I find Elliot?” Avery murmured.

Professor Greens: “Sorry, I’ve already told you everything I know, and I don’t know anything else.”

Avery: “It’s okay… Thank you very much.”

After speaking on the phone, Avery raised her head slightly to prevent tears from falling.

Elliot is still alive.

Elliot is still alive! But, Avery doesn’t know what he looks like now.

Avery couldn’t guess whether Elliot still remembered her and their children.

On the Internet, because the Dream Maker Group Building kept playing videos, it immediately caused heated discussions.

——This melon directly fed me! If what the video says is true, then this is too scary!

——Dreammaker Group and MH Medicine are not the same industry! How did these two get hooked up? By the way, who is the boss of the Dream Maker Group? Never heard of it!

——The boss of the Dream Maker Group is very low-key. After the Dream Maker’s car caught fire, the boss didn’t come out for an interview! But now, in order to tear Travis apart, he directly uses the company building to expose Travis’s old bottom! I suggest that Travis also come out and explode the old bottom of the dreamer’s boss!

——The one upstairs is really lacking in great virtue! But I like it!

——Will this wave of Travis be jailed? His former bodyguard captain reported it with his real name! I can’t help but watch the video more than a dozen times, Travis is really a beast!

——I don’t think it’s entirely Travis’s problem. If it wasn’t for those women who gave birth to children and lied to him that it was his, he wouldn’t have killed them, right? Those women deserve it! Of course, the child is innocent.

——Simply answering the question of whether Travis will go to jail. According to the laws of our Bridgedale, Travis is over 70 years old. Even if he breaks the law, he can use many means to escape prison. However, if the crime he committed was particularly egregious and was condemned to death, then it wasn’t a matter of jail time, it was the death penalty. All in all, he won’t go to jail. He is either deadly guilty or has no effect.

——I suggest that the families of the victims unite and deal with Travis together! Fight for the death penalty! This kind of person who has lost his conscience has let him live to his seventies. If he has no influence, does that mean that as long as he has money, he can do whatever he wants?

The Jones family.

Travis took his mobile phone and checked the trend on the Internet, his blood pressure rose with anger.

After Margaret measured his blood pressure, she brought him antihypertensive drugs.

“Travis, don’t watch it.” Margaret advised, “Even if everything in the video is true, it won’t really affect you.”

“Those mindless things on the Internet are fanning the flames.” Travis doesn’t want to think badly, but the people who want to deal with him are the dream maker group.

Travis could not be afraid.

“Margaret, didn’t you say that Elliot is in your hands, aren’t you afraid of Avery? Can you call Avery and ask her to remove the video?” After Travis took the antihypertensive medicine, he looked at Margaret, “Margaret, I’m not mean to you, right? How much have I spent on you all these years? Even if you don’t love me, you wouldn’t want to see me die, right?”

“Travis, what are you talking about?” Margaret held his hand and comforted him, “I just think Avery can’t bring you down.”

“She and the Dream Makers Group are one, she is possible Down with me!” Anxiety and irritability emerged in Travis’s eyes.

Margaret doesn’t need Travis now, nor will she need his money in the future.

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