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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2060 by

Chapter 2060

Travis’s blood pressure ‘swish’, rise!

In the afternoon, he spent so much money to buy all kinds of media. He thought the video incident was over. Who would have thought that the Dream Maker Group even had this video! Or, is this video sent to various media by the Dream Makers Group?

Emilio seemed to understand something when he saw the video played on the Dream Makers Group Building. So he immediately dialed Avery.

Avery answered the phone quickly.

“Avery, what is your relationship with the Dream Makers Group?” Emilio’s tone was not angry.

If Travis will finish, Emilio doesn’t care about it.

Emilio has no feelings for this father. All he cares about is the future of the Jones family.

He is now tied with the Jones family, and both are prosperous. But even if the Jones family is finished, Emilio will not follow him.

It’s just that, without the halo of the second young master of the Jones family, his future life is bound to be much poorer.

Avery was watching the video on the Dream Makers Group Building just now, and she was only halfway through the video.

What Travis did was far beyond her imagination. Bridgedale

“Emilio, did Travis ask you to call me?” Avery asked.

Emilio said, “No. My father is probably losing his temper at home now. He spent a lot of money in the afternoon, bribing the media and taking back the video. Because the well-known media in Bridgedale have all received this video. I thought it was this incident. That’s it, who knows that the Dream Maker Group also has this video… Now this video is being broadcast on the building, and it is also being broadcast live on the Internet…”

Emilio added, “Obviously, the Dream Maker group is determined to ruin my father’s reputation. And you are the only one who has a grudge against my father.”

Avery: “Yes. The only enemy your father can think of now is me.”

“Avery, I don’t blame you. It was my father who messed with you first.” Emilio said helplessly.

Avery explained, “Emilio, the only people I want to deal with are your father and Margaret. Your father has committed a serious crime. He committed such a heinous crime, but he has been free to this day. Do you think this is fair to the deceased? Is it right?”

Emilio smiled bitterly, and said, “There has never been absolute fairness in this world. Before I was recognized by Travis and returned to Jones’s family, do you know what kind of life I lived? It’s an extravagant hope to have a full meal. What is the second young master of the Jones family? It’s ironic! Don’t you think I’m incompetent? Do you think I don’t want to study as hard as you? It’s ridiculous, I don’t understand at all…The education I received before and the education I received after returning to Jones’s house are two completely different things!”

Avery was so shocked that she didn’t know how to answer.

“What’s your relationship with the Dream Makers Group? It is said that the boss behind the Dream Makers Group is very mysterious. Could that mysterious person be you?” Emilio asked again.

“Do you know AN Technology? This is the company I started before. I sold the company a few years ago and put all the money into the Dream Maker Group.” Avery has never told anyone about this thing.

As Emilio helped her, so she could tell him.

Emilio laughed, “Hehehe… Avery, do you know what Norah said? Norah said that you have a close relationship with the boss of the dream maker. Norah is more inclined to make The boss of the Dreamer is someone else, and you are a waste who can only rely on others.” Emilio couldn’t help laughing, “If Norah knew that the owner of the Dreammaker Group was you, she would probably be killed.”

“I just don’t contribute money. The boss of the Dream Makers Group can’t be counted as me.” Avery replied.

“I see… Avery, do whatever you want! Even if my dad is sentenced to death, he will still die. I won’t shed a single tear for him.” Emilio breathed a sigh of relief.

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