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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2057 by

Chapter 2057

Travis squinted his eyes and watched the video carefully.

“I worked by Travis’s side for fifteen years. I quit my job the year before last due to injury and returned to my hometown. For more than a year, I have been tormented in my heart. Every time I close my eyes, there will be a line of dead souls calling me wrong. …..In the fifteen years I worked with Travis, I helped him kill 18 people in total, his lover and Jones’s children. Of course, these Jones’s children were not Travis’s real children. Travis declared that these were the children of Travis. His child, because he wants to cover up that he has no reproductive function!”


Travis slammed Emilio’s phone to the ground!

But the video on the phone was still playing.

“Eighteen lives, it’s just that he ordered me to kill, he has many bodyguards, and he also assigned his other bodyguards to kill people… The women and children who have died in Travis’s hands over the years, it is estimated that Travis can’t remember how many.”

“Shut up, b*stard! Shut up!” Travis said violently, raised his foot to Emilio’s phone, and stepped on it several times until the phone stops making any sound.

Emilio saw his mobile phone scrapped at his father’s feet, and a layer of cold sweat broke out on his back.

“Dad… calm down.” Emilio looked at his father’s swaying body and immediately helped him to sit down on the sofa, “These videos have not been exposed yet. We can buy them back with money.”

Travis raised his hand to support his forehead, panting heavily: “Emilio… this matter, you can do it! If it is done, I will definitely leave the bulk of the Jones family’s property to you in the future. If it can’t be done…then I can only find someone who is more capable…”

“Dad, I’ll do it now.” Emilio finished speaking and put the scrapped mobile phone on the ground. Pick it up and stride away.

As soon as Emilio left, Travis immediately called his confidant.

“Hurry up and find that b*stard, the traitor! When he left, I gave him a large amount of hush money! He actually treated me like this! I think he is tired of living!” Travis planned to kill and silence him, “If you find him, Kill him immediately!”


Travis: “Wait a minute! Bring some more people! If he dared to do this, he must have been bought at a higher price.”

“Don’t worry, I will act carefully!”

About two hours later, Emilio gave a report to his father.

This is the price of the recycled video that he contacted the major media that received the video.

This is the so-called ‘sealing fee’.

After Travis glanced at the report, his blood pressure was soaring.

“F*ck! The lions are talking loudly! I’m slaughtering me like a fool!”

Emilio: “Dad, this matter must not be exposed. If the police intervene…”

“What the h-e-l-l are you doing?! The boss of the police station has a good relationship! Besides, this is my family’s private matter, who dares to control me?” Travis’s tone was arrogant and arrogant.

Emilio did not speak. If his father really didn’t care about the exposure of the video, he wouldn’t be so angry.

“Can’t the price on this be lower?” Travis questioned Emilio after a moment of silence.

“Dad, I bargained with them. You know, these people usually rely on this to eat. The content in the video is too exaggerated… So they will inevitably charge high prices.” Emilio explained.

Travis: “Okay! Very good! I have written down this hatred! I will let people call them money, and see if they are lucky in the future!”

Emilio understood the meaning of his father’s words.

But for now, it’s business to get the scandal down first.

At 6 o’clock in the evening, the finance department called Travis and said that all the money had been paid out according to the information on the list.

Travis lost a lot of money for no reason, and his heartache was unbearable.

He couldn’t even eat dinner.

“Travis, it’s just a little money, it’s a trivial matter.” Margaret comforted, “When I get the March Medical Prize, I will have more money in the future.”

“Are you sure you can get the March Medical Prize?” Travis looked very surprised.

Margaret nodded: “I received the exact news today. It should be me.”

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  1. it’s really getting boring without Elliot…. *yawn*
    i’ve already skip pages. The author keeps on wanting to make reader emotional ups and downs only. Not really care whether the story and plot are logical, important or not…

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