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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2053 by

Chapter 2053

Ben: “Avery, have you been okay lately?”

“Well. Why did you suddenly decide to come here?” Avery asked, “The matter here is about to be sorted out, and we will be able to find Elliot in a short time. “

It’s been hard for you these days. I came here because you were sure that Elliot was here, so I had to come. Besides, Norah is hiding here now, as long as I think of the disgusting things Norah has done, It’s uncomfortable.” Ben Schaffer said this, his thick eyebrows furrowed, “Her contract was signed with Elliot, so I can wait. When Elliot comes out, let Elliot teach her a lesson!”

Avery nodded : “What time did you get here?”

“I arrived at 2:00 a.m. I rested at the hotel for a night. I thought you should get up now, so I came here.” Ben Schaffer gave her a look, “I heard that you were injured, how’s the injury?”

“It’s better now, it’s not in the way.” Avery glanced at the kitchen.

The nanny was waiting by the side, and when she saw her looking over, she immediately said, “Breakfast is ready.”

Avery looked at Ben Schaffer: “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“yes, I have eaten at the hotel. But I can have a little more…” Ben Schaffer walked towards the dining room with her, “Has Hayden gone to school? Mike is still sleeping?”

“It should be. Mike ran around with me these days, and didn’t sleep well.” Avery blamed herself, and continued, “And Hayden, who also spent a lot of energy in order to help me check the details of Jones’s family.”

Ben: “Avery, don’t blame yourself.”

Avery: “I know. I misunderstood him before, and I always like to think of his feelings for me as I think. I always feel that his love for me and my love for him are not the same.”

“Just get rid of the misunderstanding. When he comes back, you must not break up casually. Maybe next time you break up, you will never get back together again.” Ben Schaffer sighed, “Between people and people The feelings we have for each other won’t change forever. If you get hurt a lot, you won’t be able to get back to the past even if you repair it. Besides, no one knows who will come first tomorrow or the accident.”

Avery took his words into her heart, after a while she asked, “How are you and Gwen?”

Even if Ben didn’t say that, she’d already figured it out. She can want nothing in the future, but she must be with Elliot.

“If nothing happened to you and Elliot, we should all start preparing for the wedding now.” Ben Schaffer shrugged, “Gwen still cares about Elliot. Of course, I do too. Before Elliot came back, I’ll talk about my marriage with her later!”

Avery lowered her head.

“Don’t talk about us. Finding Elliot is the most important thing now.” Ben Schaffer looked at her, “Is there anything I can do? Looking for Margaret? Or find Elliot in the whole Bridgedale?”

“It’s enough to find Margaret. Elliot is in her hands. You send someone to look for it in secret, I think Margaret shouldn’t hide too far.” Avery picked up the milk cup, took a mouthful of milk, and said slowly, “I’m going to see an old professor today, to see if I can find out what Margaret was doing to capture Elliot.”

Ben Schaffer was very interested in what Avery said: “I’ll go see the old professor with you.”

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  1. First time to comment here. Thankyou for always updating us of this story, I couldnt be more grateful.
    I’ve stopped expecting the end ing, now just want to enjoy the story…
    And it feels good really.
    Wish all the best for you, as well as the original writer, I believe the story will end wonderfully in the right time 😊

  2. They’re going to make us wait more days “ month” for Elliot? I’m losing the energy for this novel. All these conversation are just boring fillers. I find myself skipping through all the eating and sleeping conversation nonsense. Boring…. I hope things switch gear or I might just go to my next book. Sigh…

  3. Just when I thought we were getting some where we fell right back to nothing I’m not understanding if you just put Elliot back in I would be happy so at first it was Elliot foster who was powerful now he’s weak and can’t defend himself and little old Avery is powerful now and Hyden what type of novel is this I’m starting to wonder what type of alcohol is the author drinking when he or she is writing this Novel 🤣 the roles has changed I can’t believe this Novel 🤣🤣🤣🤣 please give us Elliot foster 🔙

    1. I agree with you Lynda. When is the author going to stop writing about trivial things and write about what the people want to read. I am so tired of the back and forth, bring us the whole story

      1. I totally agree with the both of Y’all! 👌 This novel has switched directions again for the thousandth time, they forgot about Hazel and Mike and Hayden are supposed to be these genius hackers, why haven’t they found anything? “Elliott”
        the weak! It’s just ridiculous, Thanks for the updates.🙏

    2. So true….how can they turn Elliot foster to nothing. Imagine,the author just playing with Elliot foster.hahahaha

    3. Remember the novel started with Avery and all her hardwork when Elliot was a vegetable to bring him back to normal. So we shud be thankful of her.i love both characters

  4. Thank you translator for these chapters. However I agree with many comments on here. As far as I am concerned these chapters and the Norah & Travis connections are totally unnecessary. I am an avid reader but I am really frustrated and questioning where this author is going with these things. One thing is for sure I have never read a book where a main character from the beginning becomes weak and literally disappears for a 100 chapters. Like I said this author seems to mix a lot of literary genres together. I said the one thing missing is a supernatural element. I am wondering if Margaret is dabbling in something along that line (youth sustenance potion) The story line is so ridiculous, I have never walked away from a book but this??????????just do not get it!!!! WHY!!!!!

    1. Come on this storyline is getting ridiculous.. now Margaret is fooling around with reincarnation on Elliot.. this novel needs to end now. Come on over to Facebook and join. Elliot and Avery chat comments. See latest updates.

    1. I don’t think think so. I think Margaret capitalised the situation because she had inside information from Shasha since they share the same surname. They might be related.

    2. Leah wasn’t there a chapter after finding out about Billy where Elliot said he wanted to set up something to see if Billy would come save her?

  5. I don’t think Elliott set it up either. Did I miss something, Who is Shasha?
    I will not be back to read for a week and maybe by then I will be able to read for more that 10 min. PLEASE CAN WE FET MORE THAT 5 OR 6 CHAPTERS A DAY???

  6. My theory only….
    Remember that brain surgery Elliott had? Who was the surgeon? I’m thinking that Margaret was the one who did it and that’s her way to get the reward. Elliott survived and his violent behavior seems gone. She needs him as proof of the reward. Then she will use him to get to Hayden. That’s who the Jones guy wants anyway.

  7. Naijdate. Com it has been more than 24 hours that I read these last chapters that you posted. There is supposed to be new post every day. Then when you do post it’s only a few chapters. The longer this takes to get more post and to the end of the book the less I am wanting to show, as you say, some ♥️ I am not going to pay you some ♥️ If it takes months or years to read a book. It has never took so long for me to read a book and I am really getting impatient. Please post more now. Thanks!

  8. I agree with many, the author is ridiculous! He goes in circles, dragging the main characters and the novel through so much nonsense. By the time the are together and they find Hazel, she’ll be ten….her older siblings married.

  9. This is getting annoying for me. Now when I try to go to the next chapter it tells me copy and paste detected. What does that mean?

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