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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2050 by

Chapter 2050

Avery nodded: “There is a professor inside, I have seen it before.”

Mike: “Then do you still have his contact information?”

Avery shook her head: “I met him with Professor Hough at the time. The professor Hough has his contact information, but I don’t.”

“Then let’s go to the old professor directly!” Mike said, “Which professor are you talking about?”

“Mike, I’ll find him myself. I can find him.” Avery put away the list and changed to a light topic, “I slept well in the afternoon.”

“You haven’t slept for a few hours, so you slept now?” Mike glanced at her, “but you look good. It is indeed better. The doctor will come to give you an infusion later, and you can rest well tonight. Even if you want to go to the old professor, it will be tomorrow.”

“Well. I won’t go out tonight.” After a nap in the afternoon, Avery’s mood was much calmer.

Anyway, there were important clues. Margaret could hide for a while, but not forever.

After a month at the latest, Margaret will appear.

After dinner, Avery made a video for Layla.

Layla quickly picked up the video.

Layla: “Mom, I had a dream last night, I dreamed about Dad!” Layla received the video with excitement on her face, “Dad said he would be back soon! He said he was hiding on purpose, making us anxious, Let us know how important he is…if only everything in the dream was real.”

“Layla, even if the dream is not real, it must be infinitely close to reality.”

“Did you dream about Dad at night?” Layla asked curiously.

Avery: “Yes! Your dad dreams of me every day. Sometimes he says he’s lost, but he tries to get back to us, and sometimes he tells me he misses us.”

Layla frowned, “Ah? How could Dad get lost? I really want to bring Dad back.”

“I’ll bring him home.” Avery’s mouth raised, “Is Robert wake up? Mom is missing him very much.”

“Mom, my brother has caught a cold these two days and hasn’t gone to school. He must still be sleeping.” Layla took the phone and walked towards Robert’s room, “It’s been cooling down here for the past two days, so my brother has a cold.”

“Does Robert have a fever? Did you give him any medicine?” Avery was worried.

“No fever. Just a runny nose and a cough.” Layla walked to the door of Robert’s room, opened it carefully, and glanced inside.

“Mom, my brother is still sleeping!” Layla turned the camera to the back and showed her brother a look on the big bed. “When I get back from school at night, I’ll make a video call for you. Mom, don’t worry for brother. It’s just a small cold, and it’ll be fine in two days.”

“Well, Layla, how is your Teacher Larson?” Avery was a little worried that Katalina would be embarrassed by her family or Norah for exposing the truth.

“Teacher Larson is very good! Mom, why do you care about Teacher Larson all of a sudden?” Layla thought for a while, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth, “Uncle Aqi has been good to Teacher Larson these days!”

Avery: “Well, Teacher Larson has helped us a lot.”

“That’s it! Then I have to thank Teacher Larson.” Layla said, wondering, “What kind of help did Teacher Larson help us?”

“Didn’t Aqi tell you? Teacher Larson told us a few days ago that Norah did the accident with your father in Yonroeville.” Avery said to her daughter, “I’ve almost found your father. If we can find your father successfully, we will thank Teacher Larson.”

Layla: “Wow, Teacher Larson is so nice. I knew she was definitely different from a bad woman like Norah!”

“Layla, at present, you, Teacher Larson, have indeed helped us a lot. But your mother still wants you to remember that it is essential to be wary of others. My accident with your father in Yonroeville is a painful lesson.” Avery taught, “At any time, you should never be alone. You are different from ordinary girls. There are countless pairs of eyes staring at you in the dark, some kind and some malicious.”

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