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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2048 by

Chapter 2048

Travis seems to have said something, but it seems that he didn’t say anything.

What Travis meant was that Margaret didn’t hurt Elliot?

But in this case, why did Margaret take Elliot away?

Avery: “Margaret took Elliot away for no reason, no matter what her purpose or motive was, I can’t forgive her! Travis, you can get rid of yourself now, but don’t let me catch you! Let me find out that you have something to do with this matter, I swear, I will never let you go!”

“Avery, since I dare to tell you that this matter has nothing to do with me, then I am not afraid of your investigation. You can’t think of a reason yourself? I never ask about Margaret’s laboratory. Even if I ask, she won’t tell me. You may overestimate my influence on her. I made up my mind that I depend on her, so every time she asks me for money, she doesn’t have to worry that I won’t give it. Of course, she is not completely afraid that I will not support her, so she proposes to marry me. “

Travis told Avery about the matter.

Travis: “Do you still think that I have something to do with your Elliot? Hahaha!”

“This matter may have nothing to do with you, but you must know where Margaret is!” Avery just wanted to find Margaret and ask her to marry Travis immediately…

“Avery, stop being aggressive! I told you to find it yourself. Don’t ask me! I won’t tell you if you ask me!” Travis hung up the phone after finishing speaking.

The car stopped on the road.

Mike said, “Avery, do you know about the March Medical Award? There is still a month before this award will be announced. I heard that Margaret’s biggest dream is to be awarded this award.”

Avery followed Mike’s words and guessed: ” Do you think she went to the March Medical Award?”

“Yes. Let’s go back first. I’ll check to see if she really participated in the selection of this award.” Mike said, “If she does participate in the selection of this award, it will not be difficult to find her in person…”

Avery nodded.

After Travis and Avery finished talking on the phone, the assistant stepped down.

Travis picked up his mobile phone, turned it on, and dialed another number from Margaret.

“Margaret, Avery ran to your company with a search and rescue dog today, and found Elliot’s scent in your company.” Travis told Margaret everything, “I didn’t expect her to do this.”

“What else did she say?” Margaret asked calmly.

“Death threat! She said that if we didn’t hand over Elliot, she would kill us.” Travis wanted to make a teasing smile, but the corners of his mouth were stiff and he couldn’t smile.

He never underestimated the power behind Avery.

Behind Avery is not only the Dream Makers Group, but also Elliot’s forces.

If this was in Aryadelle, Travis would have been dealt with long ago.

“Haha! Don’t pay attention to her. Let her worry. I have suffered no less than her over the years. What is she?” Margaret said calmly, “Travis, don’t be afraid, Avery’s mouth is ruthless. She didn’t dare to do anything to you. If she was really as powerful as she said, she would have taken action long ago. She didn’t suspect us only today.”

“Margaret, why are you so calm?” Travis replied. Margaret’s research and Margaret’s inner thoughts are indeed not well understood.

“Elliot is in my hands, what should I be afraid of?” Margaret said lazily, “Do you believe in her or in me?”

Travis: “Of course I believe in you.”

Margaret: “Well.”

Travis: “Well, then you should be clean, I won’t disturb you.”

Margaret: “Hmm.”

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