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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2047 by

Chapter 2047

After half an hour, Mike mobilized enough bodyguards to go to MH Medicine with Avery.

At this time, Travis’s call came to Avery’s mobile phone.

Avery answered the phone without thinking.

“Avery, I heard that you have found evidence that Elliot is with us. Tell me, what is the evidence?” Travis calmly ignited Avery’s anger.

“You brought Elliot from Yonroeville to Bridgedale and put it in Margaret’s company. I was in Margaret’s company and found the folding bed where you put Elliot. Travis, what else do you want to argue?!”

“Oh! How can you be sure that Elliot slept in that folding bed?” Travis still didn’t know how the matter was exposed.

“The search-and-rescue dog smelled Elliot on the folding bed. Margaret’s phone was turned off, do you intend to let you face it alone?” Avery asked, “I’ll give you a day, before it gets dark today, if you don’t give Elliot back to me, and I will kill you and Margaret at all costs! If you are not afraid of death, you can try it!”

How could Travis not be afraid of death?

In Avery’s words, Travis heard a strong murderous aura. So his tone softened: “Avery, let me tell you the truth! I can’t contact Margaret today. I had to try on the wedding dress that I had ordered, but I couldn’t get through to her.”

Avery: “What do you mean?”

“Margaret is missing. It’s true that she kidnapped Elliot, and it has nothing to do with me.” Travis immediately dumped the blame, “Margaret secretly brought Elliot to my plane in Yonroeville at the time. I only learned about this when I returned to Bridgedale. She told me to leave her alone, or she would stop my medicine. “

Avery frowned, not expecting such a situation!

“You also found out about my investment in Margaret. I invested in her, and she developed anti-aging drugs for me. I have to take medicine every day. So I can’t live without her. I can’t anger her.” Travis said that he was also a victim, and left himself clean. “What do you think I’m arresting Elliot for? I don’t like men, and I didn’t use him to get you half a penny… This matter has nothing to do with me! Go to Margaret if you want!”

“Where did she go?!” Avery had a splitting headache.

She thought She had found a clue and would be able to rescue Elliot soon, but who knows, Margaret is left!

Without Margaret, she couldn’t find out Elliot’s whereabouts!

“I told you from the beginning that I can’t contact her. My wedding to her is approaching, I can’t find her, and I’m also anxious!” Travis spoke faster, “Avery, go find Margaret! If you find her, please let me know as soon as possible!”

“Travis! You old rascal!” Avery yelled, “Tell me, what happened to Elliot when you saw him?! Is he still alive? What did Margaret kidnap him for? Did Margaret hurt him? How is his health now?!”

Avery couldn’t wait to know the answers to these questions.

She can’t see Elliot’s figure, and she can get the definite news that he is still alive!

“Avery, haven’t you met Margaret herself? Don’t you think she’s a bad person who does all kinds of evil? Didn’t you say that your teacher praised her? You don’t even believe what your teacher said?” Travis asked here, relieved, “I still won’t say it, because I don’t know what the specific situation is. I can only tell you that when you find Margaret, you will definitely not hate her so much.”

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      1. Sherry I think that your right about the baby I’m hoping so please find Elliot I miss him all his life he had drama when can he ever be happy.

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