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When His Eyes Opened Chapter 2043 by

Chapter 2043

“You drink less, I will ask the bodyguard to take you back later.” Mike poured the doctor’s wine and the wine glass was brought to the doctor, “I definitely won’t let you get drunk. You will have to change Avery’s medicine later!”

The doctor reluctantly took the wine glass and took a sip.

“I don’t know Margaret very well, but I have friends who admire her very much. She is often mentioned in front of me. I heard that her biggest wish in her life is to win the March Medical Award. Do you know the March Medical Award?” Doctor asked.

Mike shook his head and nodded again: “I heard of it, but I didn’t understand it. It seems to be a very good award.”

“The March Medical Award is the most authoritative award in our medical field. The last winner of the March Medical Award was Professor James Hough. Margaret likes Professor James Hough, and everyone in the circle knows this. So Margaret naturally wants to win the March Medical Prize, even if it’s not to compete with Professor James Hough, but also for himself In the medical field, I have the best explanation in my life.”

Mike: “Avery didn’t win this award, but Margaret can get it? I don’t believe it.”

“Since Margaret boasted that She would win this award, she must have privately do her homework.” The doctor said here, picked up the phone and glanced at the calendar, “In another month, it will be the four-yearly March Medical Award. I don’t know what Margaret will do this time.”

Mike: “Oh… If she really makes a drug that can delay aging, will she also be awarded an award?”

The doctor shook his head: “I don’t know that. The judges are all the most authoritative people in the medical field. It has its own set of award rules. However, according to the research results of the winners over the years, the March Medical Award is more inclined to award the award to the research that can cure major diseases. If Margaret wants to win steadily, this may be difficult her to get the prize.”

“Oh…” Mike murmured, “It’s complicated!”

After Avery lost her medicine, she hugged Elliot’s shirt and fell asleep.

Today, she was running around outside for a long time, and she didn’t eat much, so her physical strength was obviously weak.

With the breath left on Elliot’s shirt, she felt as if she was holding him.

After falling asleep, she had a sweet dream.

In the dream, Elliot was lying beside her, hugging her back like she was hugging him.

She could feel his hot body temperature and his familiar and unique breath.

She could hear his low, hoarse voice, so clear and so vivid.

He said he was fine, he was just lost… He also said that with her and the child, he would never die.

This dream made all the pain Avery experienced during this period disappear. Although it only disappeared for a short time, it allowed her to have a moment of relaxation.

After some time, Avery woke up from her dream. Her face was cold, she reached out and touched it, tears all over her face.

She sat up and looked out the window.

Its daybreak.

She immediately lifted the quilt, hugged Elliot’s shirt, and came out of the room.

The nanny just got up and didn’t have time to make breakfast when she saw Avery come out of the room and came over immediately.

“Avery, why did you get up so early? The doctor said you need to rest in bed.”

“I’ll go to Mike.” Avery strode towards Mike’s room.

An hour later –

Mike and Avery appeared at the door of Margaret’s company.

Along with them, in addition to eleven bodyguards, there was also a special police officer and a search and rescue dog.

The special police smelled Elliot’s shirt to the search and rescue dog, and then brought the search and rescue dog into the company!

Avery strode behind them.

Has Elliot ever been here? There will be an answer soon!

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    1. Thank you for the pages. I understand it is hard work. We do appreciate it. If the book wasn’t so addictive we would not all be asking for more. So please try to a little more each day. I know the extra two today was due to they weren’t uploaded yesterday. We sound terrible and grumpy. Yet we know all of you get paid for your work. Plus some have also made extra donations as well. We are hooked on this book but I know many have given up because of slow updates. I know there is a half a dozen sites making money off this book because each click funds are sent to your companies. We know you don’t reap those benefits. But we could help with donations to you if we weren’t always asking again for more chapters. For a few weeks we got 15-20 chapters and do understand those were pre translated and just had the American names added. So asking for that many would be hard work for you. 10 or 12 pages would keep readers and keep everyone from being so grumpy. Thank you

      1. I agree I would like more chapters at a time. I dont think it is hard to translate, with all the internet and all the many options out there. I would really like to just buy the book whoke book and be done. But I do appreciate the chapters 🙂

      2. This is also the last chapter that was updated on the Chinese website. so we have to be patient, the author of updates new chapter

      3. They are by translating the Chinese version of the book snd are caught up to them and they can only translate what is given by that sight so that’s why we only get the chapters they put out unfortunately. I seriously have to believe that the book is not finished and is still be written although I maybe wrong.

  1. If they want people to hang on and keep reading I hope they find evidence of Elliot there this is a very upsetting book when we can’t read on and find out what happens. I won’t read another book like this again. 😭

      1. I hope the y find some clues. This is too much suffering for Avery. Now that she pays the prices for her mistake of not believing in Elliot.

  2. Comments are always so funny!!!

    This site only translates, it is not the author. It is on same page as the Chinese site, which also might not be the author!!!

    It is an ongoing story…….just keep reading 😀

  3. I have really enjoyed this Novel, but now I am just tired. I hate to give up on it. I would have never started it had I realized it is an ongoing. I enjoy an occasional read, not a life and time consuming one. I will read until Elliot is found and come to my own conclusion

    1. Betsy, I felt exactly the same that affected my daily routine and mood, that’s when I got the couraged to not read it for few days, since then it’s over a month now I haven’t read the updates from chapter 1502,quiet proud of myself😁🥴. I only come into this chapter just to check the readers comments sneakily wondering if the story get tiny light heading to final but sounds like too far from it still so I will wait🤪… Although currently I found myself a bit hook up with Turkish soap drama that somehow some of the plots and characters esp the lead couple can relate to Avery and Elliot character.. I found this drama last month when I was so curious to look a bit similar if not far story that dramatise by actual actor/celebrities…apparently this Turkish drama gained so much of international fans due to the story and the way the leading couple performed so well that they even won as best couple screenplay and I could not agree more indeed the chemistry of them. I hope this novel would be recognized and be dramatized only minus those unnecessary plots though, which apparently the drama I currently watch made the viewers really annoyed by the writers and producers esp the tragic ending of it despite of all the main characters they been through, deserved a happy ending somehow but the evil and evilness seems always win in the end… To those who are curious of the drama and want other source to watch while waiting for the other chapters here, its called EMANET or Legacy..been watching in youtube… 🙈

  4. Translater,
    Thank you for all your hard work. The watermark you’ve put on your pages has made it very difficult to read these pages now. It needs not to be so dark as it’s covering words. If you are going to continue thus I will not be able to read this book anymore. Watermarks are usually a lot lighter in color. Please adjust it. Thank you

  5. You could post atleast 15-20 chapters to keep your readers numbers consistent, though there is a little difficulty.

  6. Love the book , I also believe it will be never ending like a soap opera 🤦🏽‍♀️ But I’m pretty addicted now to the story 🤷🏽‍♀️ I doubt I’ll read another on line story, that is not a actual completion of book to read straight through to the end .

    But has anyone noticed all the ads today and new style with water print? No wonder, we aren’t getting more pages anymore . I’m she they had to take time to do this new style and I bet every time we try to see for updates they get an an amount of money from the tons of advertisers now ! Which doesn’t bother me but ,I check this nonstop for updates! Plus, I quit reading the other page due to the huge watermarks . I just like a clean page like an actual page in a book and not advertisements all over within the actual chapter. Also I do and don’t quite get the donations l I can go buy a paperback cheaper.

    Anyways, I really hope this ends with held Elliott is with Haze and Avery finds them alive and healthy . Haden forgives his Dad when he realizes all the misunderstandings and interference of others .
    Please go back to at least 10 chapters a day if you can , thank you

  7. Water marks are so annoying. I may have to go to another site. Come over to Facebook and join Elliott and Avery chat comments. We’re talking about the novel.

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